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double eagle?  You mean an Albatross.   http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/2013/04/09/masters-gene-sarazen-double-eagle-albatross/2066977/
I just bought the GSA Putt for our golf school at the PGA show.  I'm sitting in the house now watching 5 PGA class A pros playing putting games with it and having a ball.  Its greatly accurate, and we are using it with high speed video analysis equipment... its damn near perfect.  You avid golfer this is a great tool.  For $199 you cannot beat this device.  I tested the Ping one, the swingbyte, the GSA is easier to use, has better online features, such as video to over...
It would depend for me. If it was for charity or for $$.   If it was for charity I know my family when we play these events donate the "winnings" back to the charity anyway... As I feel most people do.   If it was for money, or a club championship (which it seems from the OP that it was), then no I would be unhappy with this decision.  I would let the club pro know that by no longer being a member there.
My father is known as the local pro who "talks people out of buying clubs".  I wont say what major chain he works for but our family's philosophy is simple.  You need to know what your swing is before you start throwing new technology / equipment at it.   Launch monitors are used incorrectly by many of these places. (not all of them... don't get all butthurt hurt on me) As your Flight Scopes, Trackmans, and Foresights give you MUCH more data then just swing speed to...
I'm the General Manger for my father's PGA golf school http://www.woodstowedgescr.com ,  https://www.facebook.com/Woodstowedges I'm working on my own PGA card but I'm a few years off from finishing that.   I've been a professional snowboard instructor for the last 20 years, and teach for one of the largest and leading resort companies in the world.   So I snowboard and golf for a living... life is good.
New Posts  All Forums: