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I try to pick it clean. Choke up a bit and make sure that I hit the ball cleanly at the bottom of my swing.
I doubt its fresh water...
Don't forget poultry science...
This is a pretty handy guide for roughly estimating your flex.
Great club. Pretty consistently 250yds+ off the tee with a beautiful ball flight. Nearly as long off the deck. You'll be happy, for sure. (I have the stock Gold Stiff shaft)
Then carry a dip cup.
You dip but you don't spit??
Is it really that difficult for people who chew to spit in the rough? This is like •••••••s who spit saliva on sidewalks when there is grass or a bush just off the sidewalk.
I find that the e7+ takes away some of the sidespin problems I had with the e6+. It keeps the spin down and the ball lower, but is still surprisingly soft around the greens.
One of the biggest problems high handicappers have is a lack of consistency stemming from a lack of focus. The size of blades and knowledge of the precision needed to hit them force you to bear down and focus on the task at hand, resulting in better shots.
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