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New set of Nike Vrs forged irons, a dozen Q-star , and a new glove!
I read your review. It was excellent. I went back and got them. Found them cheaper on line but the golf shop got close enough on the price to make it work. Always rather give my money to the local guy!
Check with the airline some charge to ship clubs no matter what the weight. If it's not something you do a lot take a look at fedex. I have done both.
Went to Golfsmith today and pounded several hundred iron shots into the net. Tried just about every brand and model. They had a nike vrs forged that felt awesome! Only problem they don't stock them anymore. Found a new set at a local golf shop for $599.00. Is this a good price? Is anyone else playing them? I know the simulator is not exact,but I hit my current 7 iron and most of the ones I hit today 150 yards. Vrs was consistently between 165-170!
Time to upgrade! The only new thing in my bag is the bag! Driver 975j titliest Woods mizuno t-ziod blue rage Irons tommy Armour 845s oversize Putter nike?
Doral- blue monster Torrey pines south Kittansett- Marion,ma Tpc Boston Slammer&Squire world golf village Turner hills- Ipswich,ma Vesper CC- Tyngsboro,ma ( my home track) a great Donald Ross course
I am thinking of up grading my clubs. I'm going to get through the season and hopefully take advantage of some winter sales. I got an email from golfsmith and was looking to see what trade in value would be. I don't have a single club in my bag that they would take!
Thanks. I knew it wasn't going to be 18 I was just shocked at the 12. Only resets on the 15th and end of month so should adjust a bit.
Green dot before # red dot after. Was going to go with a yellow dot, but hard to see. Also looks like pee on your ball. My crazy way of telling myself to slow down. And I'm Italian!
I'm in the same boat. I have been playing a set of Armour 845s oversize for at least the last ten years. And was very happy until I went on a business trip and got to play Doral. Rental set of callaways and was hitting all the irons 10 to 15 yards farther. I would love another 10 to 15 yards! Is today's equipment that much better? Don't want to waste the money on another new set of grips if I should be investing it in a new set of irons!
New Posts  All Forums: