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Looking for advice on junior clubs. My son is 9 and has been playing the Callaway XJ clubs but he is quickly out growing the set. The set does not include 6, 8, or PW and he is increasingly finding himself in situations where he is between clubs. Is there any harm in buying an adult set and having the heads re-shafted to fit his height? If this is a viable option, what irons would work best? Thanks in advance for any input.
Can shaft lengths be cut down approx 1/2"-3/4" and regripped without altering the playing characteristics of the clubs? I purchased a set of Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons on craigslist and the shafts are a little longer than my older TM irons. Thanks, Phil
What are some thoughts of the X Hot driver with the Aldila Trinity Shaft Stiff vs the standard Velocity shaft?
I want to see a heavy discount on the X Hot driver. I've been holding out for a great price on the X Hot and don't know how much longer I can wait.
Just traded TM RBZ Tour Spoon for a Callaway X Hot 3 Stiff shaft and it is an amazing club. In my opinion it is much more forgiving than the TM RBZ spoon and I can hit it as far my driver, only straighter.
Any thoughts on if I should take my R5 out of the bag. Just started playing again after a few years off (shoulder surgery). Presently a high handicapper but should improve fairly quick with more time at the range. I am struggling to find fairways with the driver. Bought an RBZ Tour Spoon and bombing it consistently straight on the range. Thinking about ditching the R5 and using the strong 3 as my driver. Scores should improve quickly if I'm not in trouble after my...
New Posts  All Forums: