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Sunday 16th Feb 2014......got the clubs out of the shed and headed to Auchenblae. Played a practice round and didn't keep a score. Topping my shots which is usual for me first time out again. Cant wait to get out again next weekend ....might even keep a score this time.
Hola and welcome Marta. Not too up to speed on courses in America but thought i'd say hi anyway. All the best Mike.
Last Sunday shot a workmanlike 94 round Auchenblae . Winter greens in operation and my driving was eyegougingly bad.........
My favourites included Balnagask and Montrose whats yours.....
Nothing wrong with playing yourself it beats DIY or soaps on tv.
First round out for a few months. Shot 84 on a links course where golf has been played since around 1900. Nice wee solid round. This should stand me in good stead for my outing to Aberdeen next weekend. Main highlight of the day was the excellent breakfast from Tesco. Thanks Mr Tesco......
Just returned from a windswept round up at Auchenblae. Shot 92. 43 to the turn then back in 49 blows. Driving imploded on back 9 , no scrub that driving suspect all way round. Mate shot 75, he played some really neat stuff. Really need to work on my driving as lack of distance is putting pressure on my game.
Great video. Iplay with a wrong score guy and ball hunter guy and i used to play with a mood swing guy till it got dangerous.
Shot a wind swept 90 at a "foreign" course. Four 6's on the card the rest a mix of 4's and 5's and one 3. Pretty workman like round. Typically coming to the end of the season and i hit possibly the best drive i've managed all year.Had a new hybrid club in the bag and results  were mixed. Not sure wither to keep playing once a week through the winter or just hit the range every couple of weeks.
Hello Roman nice to meet you.
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