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Great thread. I think what I get out of "knuckles down" is a want to rotate through impact. I think the flip comes because my core stops rotating and now my hand play catch up. When I think knuckles down, it keeps my left wrist flat, left shoulder down, and encourages me to keep rotating. Do you think this will lead to different bad habits going forward?
I hear that. That was my problem though. I was releasing my hands back behind the right hip. I wouldn't say I'm trying to hold lag as much as get the hands leading the head. All I'm really thinking about is maintaining the angle created at the top till my hand reach my right thigh. That improved my distance and striking over casting, but I never dealt with squaring at impact so my right hand flips. It just creates crazy high ball flight and topped/fat shots.
So I've been working on maintaining lag. As a result I started to "flip" my right hand at the ball. This brought my left shoulder high at impact and turned my 4 iron into a space mission flight. So, racking my brain, I started playing around with just having the thought of rotating my left knuckles down into impact. Thanks to the snow, I haven't been able to really try this out, but the practice swings feel good and I feel like I rotate better through the "ball". So is...
Well I don't do what I do now for the money. There are few things in life that one can get rich doing. Finding something you love to do that also makes you rich is an even smaller dream. So, I take loving what I do over being rich and miserable.
TM irons are pretty notorious for high ball flight. My 2.0's are this way and a friend of mine plays the burner plus and has a crazy high flight. TM has done this to decrease the stopping distance on the green, higher flight, softer landing. However, IMHO, a higher ball flight shouldn't effect your distance, minus wind of course. If you count roll out for your total difference, its really the wrong way to go about it seeing as how different courses will cause less/more run...
I know there have been some threads on this but none really answer my questions. Im really leaning to working towards becoming a PGA Pro, teaching pro that is. I enjoy teaching in the Fire Department and think I can take that same love for golf and teach it. My problem is, I literally have no idea where to start. Im not a member at a club and the only one near me dosent have the most reputable pro so Id rather not ask him. So all in all, my question is:   Where do I...
The smarter ones above can confirm or deny this, but a slice like that means one of three things, shank, violent out to in path, open clubface. Video will tell for sure as well as masking or impact tape.
Welcome and have fun. Golf is an incredibly fun and frustrating game but this site can make it easier. Bit of advice, learn the right way to do things the first time, it will save you loads of headaches and time down the road.
Getting fitted is a good thing. But if you cant, golfsmith will do the basic fitting. Like they've said above, you can at least get the correct loft and flex which is a big part of the process. Swing as much as you can, there are a bunch of drivers under your budget, especially last year models and budget new models. However, don't be thrown off by the "older models", for the most part, theres not a whole bunch "new" for the last couple years. Have fun and good hunting.
That's how I feel, id hate to see those poor helpless golf balls die at the hands of a combine
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