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Has anyone ever told you guys that bench press is bad for your golf swing? Like a bigger chest would hinder your golf swing?
I used to have the same problem when I didn't hold my wrist angle through the shot. If your wrists break too early, you will tend to add loft to the club which is really the only thing that would explain your symptoms. I would try working on knock down wedge shots (ball back in your stance, de-lofting of the club, and 3/4 swing). I know its hard to imagine that a shorter swing will result in the ball going farther, but after my instructor physically made me do this, it...
Hey guys, just recently moved to SD. Any suggestions on a relatively priced course favorite around here? I heard Torrey Pines is $40 once I get a residency card? Good to meet everyone!
Roman,   Welcome to SD! I just moved here a few months ago and the weather is amazing! You'll definitely enjoy some of the courses down here.
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