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Anyone who cant hit a driver - driver - putter and make eagle on the 18th (which tournament was this ?)  to win has my vote. Id love to drive it like bubba . I like his chirpiness too. 
In general out on the course and if it is a up hill or down hill lie im in big trouble. Im a tall guy and tend to choke down and bend as well . During my preshot routine i try and skim the surface of the turf  (if i hit 1 or 2 airy shots i will try and hit the ground so as not to take out a divot) but when it comes to actual execution i fail . Mostly i hit fat shots with my wedges and thin with my Pitching wedge off the tee.    Its extremely frustrating and humiliating...
i like whats going on here !! i too am snap hooking the driver like n0bodys business a low lying hooker if you must :P my irons and 4 rescue is ok, and i agree with everyone who feels that the face is closed at impact or way closed wrt to swing path.   would really appreciate it someone could tell me what else is off other than the fact that im closed at impact ... whats a good drill to prevent the driver from turning in my hands during...
  I got a third . Sorry for two posts. this one came in later and i couldn't edit my first post. would really appreciate if someone could point out whats going wrong , this only happens with the driver. I have joined a league and my first game is dayafter. going to spend the entire day at the range tomorrow trying to fix this. its literally 'driving' me nuts.  thanks for your patience guys . :) 
    thanks for the quick reply . here are 2 videos that my friend took of me yesterday .hoping you could pick up whats going wrong. sorry if the quality is a little off. cheers
Hi guys ,   New here . Been about 2 years since i started , i consider myself to be decent ball striker with the irons. no problem. its the woods that are driving me nuts. I can even hit my 4 rescue , coming down pretty squarely on the ball. as i move up to the 3 wood and the driver my entire game goes for a toss.    Im having the same problem as the topic is trying to address , during the transition i tend to come down with the face closed . like the poster above this...
New Posts  All Forums: