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I don't think this is the same thing. This is an amendment that would apply to all public CA college admissions, applying directly to prop 209. The topic here is referring to changes in admission policy of the UC system only, which was first brought up in the old article you mentioned, but only recently took effect.
I have been looking for real numbers on what this has done, but I've yet to come across anything. It looks like it was supposed to go into effect in late 2012, and if that was the case I'd imagine it'd be too soon to make sense of the numbers yet.   Again, policies such as this are really meant to increase the number of underrepresented minorities at UC's, without explicitly making race a factor. This is a good thing. This doesn't mean that they'll let just anyone in. A...
Happy to--sign up!
Thanks--was watching and it stopped saying coverage had concluded, but it's up now
Is this streaming anywhere?! I'm at work and the GC and PGA streams wrapped up and I'm missing all of this awful greatness!
Lots of numbers that disagree with you there.
Ditto this.There are reasons that underrepresented minorities exist that go beyond not just being able to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps". I'd also say that it's a big jump to say that this doesn't have to be alleviated by letting all of the minorities in, therefore reducing the number of qualified students. There are other ways, especially in California. CA junior college-to-UC/CSU transers for instance. That all being said, I agree that this is not a good policy....
The guy who ran our team, our coach, kept things very simple. We lifted three days/week, with each workout based around the comp. lifts: bench, squat, DL. The main lift would be 6 week cycles of prog. overload using board presses and full range of motion bench, box and regular squats, and rack and regular DLs. For bench, we would then do some type of heavy top range of motion, like bench off pins, and we also did tons of tricep high rep stuff. We lifted in single ply bench...
I love this. I competed in powerlifting for a few years, and this sounds like a workout we would do on a Saturday morning after a competition or use a log for the overhead for a strongman workout to mix it up, with maybe some tire flips thrown in. Big and simple!
I just found out about this yesterday and signed up right away!   https://www.edx.org/course/bux/bux-sabr101x-sabermetrics-101-1558   This is an online course being offered through edx about the awesome science of baseball analytics. The professor, Andy Andres, has taught this class for years at Tufts, and has even had Bill James in for lectures. From the course page:   This course will cover the theory and the fundamentals of the emerging science of Sabermetrics....
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