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About a month ago I played in a tournament in the morning and shot an 88. Went out again on the same course that afternoon, played the next tees back, and shot a 102!
Game Golf just release a new version called "Game Golf Tags". You get NFC tags for your clubs and use an NFC capable phone and the Game Golf App. If I ever decide to get Game Golf, this will be the route I go since I have an NFC phone :-). Would much rather tag against my phone in my pocket than that bulky belt clip, plus, the Tags version is only $99!
No expert by any means, and really not even that great of a golfer, but this has been what has helped me: I move the ball slightly further back in my stance, setup further away from the ball (the ball is lined up on about the toe of the club so I have to reach for it), and drop my right foot back so that my feet are pointing right of my target.
Casual - 84 Tournament - 88   My scores are slowly dropping. Broke 90 for the first time last year, and am now starting to shoot more consistently in the 80s :-).
I think it's about 8 real courses, but it's still nothing compared to the 20 or so that TW 14 had!
I use the Foursum app. It's a free app that includes GPS. You can track scores, putts, FIR, GIR. In tracking these, it will also calculate your handicap, scoring average, driving accuracy, putting average, GIR %. You can also use it to set up games and wagers with friends who also have the app and uses real-time scoring so you know where everyone stands as far as score. It's a great all-in-one golf app!
I have been seriously disappointed in this game. I don't think it is worth the $60 price tag. The course selection is seriously lacking, the create a player customization is worse than previous versions of the game, and it is buggy (wildlife disappearing from the screen). The golf physics are great, but I wish they would have spent more time on the course selections and overall polishing of the game. 
I have seen some courses in my area with blended tees, but most don't offer it. I typically will look at a courses Par 3's before deciding which tee's to play. If there are any over 200 yards, I will play whites regardless of what tees my playing partners are using. Play to your ability, if there are holes you can't handle from a certain tee box, play the next tee up. There's no shame in that!
Closest I have come is about 18 inches! One of these days....
I carry both a Cleveland 56* and a Vokey 60*! Had a 62* Cleveland as well, but dropped that when I was given the 60* Vokey. No preference over one or the other. I also agree that looking to see if your iron set has an individual gap wedge for the set would be a good idea. Love my iron matched gap wedge!
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