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I like a quote I heard, I think it is from Bob Rotella: "play the shot you can, not the shot you want.
4th Joost Luiten (-13)
Go Europe!!
Thanks, I will.Last week I shot a 45 on a 9 hole round. I did nothing different in terms of mechanics, but before the round I made a game plan in more detail than I used to do. What I feel contributed most to the score, was making sure to miss my shots on the "good" side and therefor choose a different club sometimes.I kinda like this more detailed approach, it also changes my focus during a round.Obviously I need to make this work in an 18 hole round, so I won't be...
I've been close to breaking 100 now for a couple of weeks. Best score is 103 so far. The problem is not the swing, shortgame or putting, but mainly bad decisions. When in a bad spot the urge to compensate with an ambitious shot is almost uncontrolable. I know this and last round I was well under way to break 100, but on hole 14 I pulled my drive out of bounds and pulled my second teeshot as well. Instead of chipping out I took a hybrid and tried to land it close to the...
Are you kidding me? - Rocco Mediate, just a fun book to read. The Putting Bible - Dave Pelz, great book on putting with great exercises on improving putting. Every shot must have a purpose - Pia Nilsson, good book on the mental side of golf. Helped me build a pre-shot routine that fits me.
Paul, We sure did enjoy ourselves! Welkom op het forum. Ronald
You must be really upset, creating an account just to share this with us. I like him too. He helps me to remind me not to take golf (or life for that matter) to seriously.
Ok, A bit late to the party, but it would be great to play a match again like last year.  Good memories and hopefully a better score this year. Also had a great time at Bella Colina.   Cheers, Ronald
Netherlands Army lieutenant-colonel in charge of Strategic Planning.
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