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The Tiger angle doesn't do much for me.   The video does not show the ground, therefore based on the video there is no certainty whether or not the club was grounded, as argued by many before me. What remains is the explanation Ernie gave. I have no reason to doubt him, as said we really don't know the man. He is an experienced player who is well aware of the rules and he put the rules to good use  in my opinion.   All other speculation about character or intention is...
Got my copy a few months ago. Love it!
Here are some pictures of the teams and the 19th hole at the Tilted Kilt. We had a great day, the course was in good shape and the company was excellent. Looking forward to next years match.
Obviously we had no time for such frivolity. Between strategy sessions and practice rounds a balanced diet of proteine, carbs, vitamines and other substances not to be named her was consumated. We also found time to work in some teambuilding activities. Tonight we ended preparation with a sing-along contest, because as we all know, carefull planning and team spirit is key to bring the trophy back home . Lastly We did a final rehearsal of the press conference to avoid any...
I will play with Graem, that will balance out the handicaps quite nicely
In two weeks we (7 crazy dutch guys) will be flying to Orlando for two weeks of golf. One of the highlights will be a round at Bay Hill, which we booked already. Other highlight will hopefully be a Dutchies - US match, so David, be prepared!   Also on the list are: - Orange County National (both courses) - Bella Colina (if reasonably priced) - Mission Inn, El Campeone - Red Tail - Stoneybrook West   If anyone has other recommendations, please let me know!
I like a quote I heard, I think it is from Bob Rotella: "play the shot you can, not the shot you want.
4th Joost Luiten (-13)
Go Europe!!
Thanks, I will.Last week I shot a 45 on a 9 hole round. I did nothing different in terms of mechanics, but before the round I made a game plan in more detail than I used to do. What I feel contributed most to the score, was making sure to miss my shots on the "good" side and therefor choose a different club sometimes.I kinda like this more detailed approach, it also changes my focus during a round.Obviously I need to make this work in an 18 hole round, so I won't be...
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