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Sounds a great deal to me too! Whom of you that have a 60° wedge use it a lot? I usually only carry a 52 and a 56° (both X-tour Callaway). I have a 58° bent to 60° KZG Wedge. Doubting to put it back in the bag.
hey guys, currently i'm playing a scotty camering mb studio design no. 5. Got the chance to trade it against a Detour. Anyone got experience with it? Tia
so the ap2 is more difficult? I'm thinking about buying them with a projectx 5.5.
hey guys, i'm thinking about buying a new set. Still doubting whether taking a stiff or regular shaft in my irons. My average ball speed is 50 m/s (is that possible?). thanks in advance
i'd say have a look at KZG's wedges too...
guys, thanks so much for the answers!
thanks, will certainly try this out. Last years' schoolbooks can be usefull again :)
hi guys, lately i'm finding some trouble keeping my posture (for the first time in years!). I tend bend myself a bit more in my swing, so the swing line is a bit outside, which leach to a small slice. And i hate slicing Some of you perhaps have some tips? tia
what do u think of the G2 compared to the 905 T? tia
thanks for your answer, but we have (almost) the same hcp... He says they play really easy, so off-days won't be punished :)
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