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I am a recreational golfer and hobbiest club maker.  I have built several sets of irons and woods.  I recently decided to give my Wilson DI9 irons a rest, and go back to my Golfsmith snake eyes irons.  The Di9's are nice, but I have not been able to adjust to the loft gaps on the higher lofted irons.  Distance is better with the Di9's but my consistency is better with the snake eyes.  I built the SE set 5 thru gap wedge with precision rifle 5.5 and D1 swingweight and so...
I understand that reducing face thickness in irons will allow more perimeter weight distribution, but as far as distance goes, if a well struck iron hits the ball first and compresses the ball against the (big ball) earth what advantage will there be in have more face flex?  I think all most all the iron distance gains are attributed to loft decreases.  Any opinions on the subject?
Greetings everybody, just joined, have followed as an observer for awhile,
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