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It's not too early for tournaments that use net scoring or stableford. The Golf Channel Am Tour has many different skill flights.   In the beginning I picked up a lot when frustrated or holding up a social group.   And I sometimes kept a score of just the good shots and putts I had.   Most of my golf buddies have vanity handicaps 5 to 8 strokes lower than mine. Doesn't bother me. They usually roll their balls out of divots, etc, etc.. We dont play for money , so I...
My goal this year is under 18. While that is only 1.6 away, sometimes it seem like miles.   First tournamnet of the year next week in Redding CT.
down to 19.5 from 19.7....my first time two consecuitve periods under 20!
Start tending the pin for your group more, cuz your ball is not always the furthest from the hole or the only one off the green.
Two thumbs down!
Played this morning with a friend. Shot a 95 , which was highlighted by an Ace on a 165 yard par 3 at Beekman Golf Course in NY.  I used a Taylormade 3 hybrid. Hit at the front and slowly rolled in (just disappeared)   4 holes earlier I had driven one OB, so I ended up with an average score.   It's very nice to be in the club though!   Dick Wilkinson
i book online with the specific courses I play. Most do not enforce their cancellation policies of charging for no shows or a late cancellation. I monitor the sites Golfnow, TeeOff and especially the LastMinuteGolf app. But I rarely use them.
Shot an 88 yesterday... 44 and 44. Only my second sub ninety round this year!
I regularly play from the three different sets of tees at my club. Range from 5900 to 6800.  I find the biggest difference with y game between the tees is my confidence level....feel much better closer therefore I play better,less tentatively. 
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver!   1. Webb Simpson -5 2. Jimmy Walker -4 3. Rory McIlroy -4
New Posts  All Forums: