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I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver!   1. Webb Simpson -5 2. Jimmy Walker -4 3. Rory McIlroy -4
   Playing in tournaments is the driver of my interest in golf. I always need a specific goal to work toward, so without a competition coming up I wouldn't get motivated enough to practice, take lessons or even play a lot. A main motivation this year in trying get my index from 25 to 18 this year is to be eligible to play in some local team tournaments next year.   This Monday Im in a one day tournament of the MGA ( association of the greater NYC area). It's at Richter...
Started strong with a 43 on the front 9...slope 127. Then a 52 on back nine ...slope 118. Ugh.
49 in my Thursday evening fun league. Started off with a couple triples. Im just getting off work, and we stand around gabbing beforehand instead of warming up. Note to self: warm up next week.
I was just in  an event that sold 3 anywhere mulligans for $25. Just one shot....not a mulligan for the whole group, not 4 shots. All the staff on the course was selling them, so you could buy more on the course ...out group ended up buying 6 total.   Advertise or display before the round the items in the Chinese auction. I only bot 10 tickets, but there were two items I was really interested in winning,. If I had known,  I would have bought more during the round!
I was B-FIt for Bridgestone Tour e6 golf balls   Jim Furyk -7 Patrick Reed -7 Chris Kirk -7
Went to a nearby course I like, getting tired of my home club.   96 ... 51/45...71.2/127...a 22.1 differential.   Took a while to settle down even after warmup at the range. First nine had a lot of practice with recovery shots!
Im really impressed by your 38 on the back nine while only hitting 2 fairways. What were your misses off the tee like?
91 today:  69.5/123.  Slow improvement continues. Played conservative w/ no LB or OB. Couple of 3 putts spoiled the mood. Decent driving. Going out again Monday
I'm finally eligible to join this thread!!  I started last year when I retired. My first scores were in the 130s and 120s. I got a GHIN last year and started at 31.6. Thies year my Index in March was 25 and I have worked really hard to get it to 21.6.   Keys for me this year are 1) working consistently with a pro 2) Course management 3) short game (50 yards and in)   I only drive 200 and have gotten fairly consistent 62% fairways, with majority of misses in short...
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