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Started strong with a 43 on the front 9...slope 127. Then a 52 on back nine ...slope 118. Ugh.
49 in my Thursday evening fun league. Started off with a couple triples. Im just getting off work, and we stand around gabbing beforehand instead of warming up. Note to self: warm up next week.
I was just in  an event that sold 3 anywhere mulligans for $25. Just one shot....not a mulligan for the whole group, not 4 shots. All the staff on the course was selling them, so you could buy more on the course ...out group ended up buying 6 total.   Advertise or display before the round the items in the Chinese auction. I only bot 10 tickets, but there were two items I was really interested in winning,. If I had known,  I would have bought more during the round!
I was B-FIt for Bridgestone Tour e6 golf balls   Jim Furyk -7 Patrick Reed -7 Chris Kirk -7
Went to a nearby course I like, getting tired of my home club.   96 ... 51/45...71.2/127...a 22.1 differential.   Took a while to settle down even after warmup at the range. First nine had a lot of practice with recovery shots!
Im really impressed by your 38 on the back nine while only hitting 2 fairways. What were your misses off the tee like?
91 today:  69.5/123.  Slow improvement continues. Played conservative w/ no LB or OB. Couple of 3 putts spoiled the mood. Decent driving. Going out again Monday
I'm finally eligible to join this thread!!  I started last year when I retired. My first scores were in the 130s and 120s. I got a GHIN last year and started at 31.6. Thies year my Index in March was 25 and I have worked really hard to get it to 21.6.   Keys for me this year are 1) working consistently with a pro 2) Course management 3) short game (50 yards and in)   I only drive 200 and have gotten fairly consistent 62% fairways, with majority of misses in short...
Monday morning at Centennial 68.4/129 I shot a shocking 107. Went out again in the afternoon at Mohansic 70.8/128 and shot an 88, my second best score ever! Including a. 45 yard pitch in for birdie.
If I feel fatigued I can start to sway, which usually leads to topping or at least hitting the ball thin.
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