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90 today...45/45   1 birdie, 3 pars, 9 bogies and 5 doubles. On my home course...69.9/121
 Not so fast, @rcwkent     This thread was posted in June.  To be fair, you need to start with your June HI.   I met my "5" goal if I count from Feb when I was carrying 23 HI.   But in June of this thread's post, I was at 17.5, hence, my goal of "5" is 12.5.   OK, OK, @rkim291968 .... I'm busted!    When this thread started my GHIN was 19.7 .....   so I'm down 2.4 ....less than halfway to 5. Yikes!
My index hit 17.3 today.....down from 23.1 in April.   So I met the goal of 5 for the season.   My goal now is to keep it below 18, so I will be eligible for the MGA senior four ball next spring.
17.3 down from 18.9...met my goal for the year. Started at 23.1
89 yesterday at Saxon Woods...69.6 124. My previous best had been 96 this spring. 1 birdie, 3 pars,  9 bogeys , 5 doubles and no blowups!
321 yard par 4 at Links Unionvale.   Intended to draw the drive, but I faded it into the water.   On in 4,  then 3 putted from 25 feet for a Triple.
Today shot  90 on a links-like course nearby (70.0  125)  . My previous best was 98.     Big improvement this month has been getting on the green in one shot out to 120 yards.   My index is trending under 18 now.
Best score ever  84..(47 out 37 in)   69.9   121 slope   1st 5 holes were horrible (+8)  but got on fire with'  1 birdie and 8 pars in an eleven hole stretch!
I'm a pretty short driver and my shot was a weak fade.  This winter I took some lessons indoor with a monitor. The pro changed my alignment and swing path and now I drive a slight draw. My records show it's about 15 yards more on average....and when you drive around 200 that makes a difference!  Its the biggest reason my handicap this year has gone from 23.1 to 18.9 .  
What made them so slow?
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