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I've been on both sides...... I hit a fourball's cart ahead of us after a drive that got two Cartpath bounces. All four of us yelled Fore,   but that didnt seem to  'satisfy one of them.   And I've been hit before.....if they yell out, then its no problem. (i always duck)
At Putnam National Wednesday I shot 89...45-44   5913 ...69.3 / 121 Good to get under 90 even from the shorter tees!
4/1/15 ghin at 23.1 7/15/15 ghin at 19.6
10 of 12 correct. 
Shot a 94...my usual score. Putting has been unusually poor lately. I figured out I was moving my head/following the ball.   Much better just to listen
Yesterday at my club I played 9 holes with an older member from the forward tees...32.4/107 and shot a 39!   The differential equals a 42 from the middle tees I usually play....but it sure sounds and feels better! 
Take him out on a course early evening and play from 50 yards in each hole. PW SW and putter. He can experience how the ball comes off the club, roll out, putting.  And you can teach a good bit of etiquette right off the start. To me not as boring as the range when you're new.
I've met almost all the guys I regularly play with on a 1st tee somewhere.    Be a good playing partner:    tend the flag, help look for another's ball, compliment good shots, laugh at yourself , keep up with the group (pick up when necessary), don't give advice, buy the first round from the cart girl, suggest post-round cocktail, ask about other's games, clubs, etc.    I took some group lessons and found my current pro in one....also met a couple guys to play...
Played this morning and shot an 86, ties with my best ever!!   40-46 with 5 pars and 1 birdie.  69.9/121.    This is after playing this frony 9 yesterday in 52!
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