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If I feel fatigued I can start to sway, which usually leads to topping or at least hitting the ball thin.
Monday shot my best round since starting last year. It was a 90 at Mohansic 70.8 128. Only one triple bogey was my key improvement. Played a more conservative style. My best had been a 93 at my home course Beekman 69/123.
Shot 93 on my home course...slope 123. Best round of the year, which included a 2 stroke OB on the first hole, and a four putt.
My goal is to get my handicap to 18 so I can qualify for a couple if regional tournaments.
Im in the same boat, yet Ive made a lot of progress over the last year.   Instead of a goal of breaking 100, I use the goal of breaking 50 for 9 holes. Cuz I often have something like a 48 out then 55 in. I don;t want to say I didnt reach my goal of 100, rather I had one good 9 hole round out of 2.   I ignore the par numbers on the scorecard 3,4 or 5. I will even black them out if not sharing a scorecard, and fill in my own "pars" based on my handicap. My GHIN is...
Im sure the low handicappers have played with lots of guys higher than 15!   1)Dont hold up the group , 2) accept their compliments and 3) dont apologize for your level.
I have found that if I relax with the driver and hit it 185-195, Im in the fairway 90%.   With irons, I just want to KNOW exactly how far I do hit them.
I started playing last year in May. My first round on a 6200 yd course was 135. Broke 110 in July. Shot 99 on Aug 29 then again in October. Then a 91 the end of November. Probably played 60 rounds last year.   I found a pro through trail and error. He helped a lot and gave me Confidence, so I expect to hit a good shot. Took 5 or 6 lessons. I only listened to him...not my buddies. 90% of my friend's advice is worth exactly what I pay for it:)   My number one priority...
I have a couple buddies who love Hollow Brook in Cortlandt Manor. Pretty straightforward pricing, and all about golf.   Im considering a new member try-out deal there through April and May. Ive only played on member guest days, so that was crowded.
I played 9 holes Monday in Westchester County NY. It was 27 degrees. It was my first time out since December. Only saw two other lunatics on the course:)   With the storm missing us, gonna try for tomorrow afternoon too!
New Posts  All Forums: