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Don't quote me on this, but they're usually not illegal unless they ONLY look at yardages. But most apps have Club selecting tools and other illegal tools. Tournaments reserve the right to ban whatever they want, and the PGA bans rangefinders. That's why you only see the yardage books, and other analog devices like compasses.
I'm willing to take my chances.Using a legal putter AND playing on Sunday? I feel my chances are outstanding!
Who's a gambling man here? I'm taking all bets regarding how well Scott does his first year without a broomstick 
Greg Norman isn't even relevant. If we're talking about the Golf professionals of today.
What about it? I'm just saying his inability to close is noteworthy. Not that he's never won a tournament.
Never said "habitual". But I can honestly say I've never seen a Sunday choking pattern so prominent than that of Adam Scott's. Well, maybe Jim Furyk is up there with him too.
And it's the putting that did it. His scoring clubs were still hot enough to have won the tournament. It was the push/pulls in his putting stroke that took away every opportunity from him. Yes, he choked. He had a substantial lead going into Sunday... That's called choking in anyone's book.
Nothing wrong at all with tears of happiness. A human is capable of a full range of emotions. You'd think that if you didn't utilize all of them at some point, that your well-being wont be as full as it was meant to be.
Adam scott faltered super hard in this 2012 British Open on the last hole and Big Easy drained his putt. This is just a part of his DNA to choke on Sunday.    How to fix it: -Get rid of the broomstick and you wont start feeling guilty -Take your sunglasses off because you know that we know that hiding your eyes when it's dark outside means you are hiding from something.   So in short, lose the broomstick.   Seriously, if he felt as if he was playing by the same...
No typo. He recommended clubs 1-2* flat. But I'm not playing well as it is, hitting behind the ball sometimes because of my angle of attack. I also read that if you're 5'9"-6'1" you need standard spec'd clubs.
New Posts  All Forums: