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Hi All,   Have a lot of fun guys. Hope to see you another year.   All the best, Piet
Opmerkelijk dat Joost, nadat hij definitief geen Rydercup speler zou worden, beter is gaan spelenen zelfs een toernooi won.. Kan hij de druk op het hoogste niveau aan ""is the question"".   By Far the best Dutch golfer we had.       All the best, Piet
Comforteble is the right word. A perfect mechanicle swing how doesnot feel comfortable for YOU, is not the right swing for You.   That's why Ýou see a lot of different swings     All the best, Piet
With a group of Dutchies we played golf in Florida this year.   Thanks to David in Fl and his friend we played much better courses than in 2012. I played 23 rounds of golf on 14 courses in 16 days and made a list of courses I prefered most.     -         Mission Inn                         ,  El Campeon -         Red Tail -         Bella Collina -         Orange County National ,  Panther lake -         Eagle Dunes -         Orange County National ,  Crooked...
Ha,ha,ha, David, its only because I cannot hit the ball as far as you, so I have to do something to stay in the match.   Start buying a 60 * lobwedge David, Ups and downs are so easy than .   All the best, Piet
Hello this is Piet van Ammers and joined the sandtrap a few weeks ago, just before we went with 6 guys to Florida to Play some Golf.   I am 64 years old and get in touch with golf some 50 years ago, beeing a caddie at the Noordwijkse Golfclub in the Netherlands. After 35 years none golfing I picked it up again 15 years ago and still enjoy the game verry much.   I married Coby 41 years ago have 3 kids (2 sons and one doughter) and 3 grandchildren. The first present I...
Yep, I am one of the guys. playing with Frank against you and John. Looking forward to meet you all and play a good game off golf and have a great time on the 19e hole.   All the best, Piet
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