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With a group of Dutchies we played golf in Florida this year.   Thanks to David in Fl and his friend we played much better courses than in 2012. I played 23 rounds of golf on 14 courses in 16 days and made a list of courses I prefered most.     -         Mission Inn                         ,  El Campeon -         Red Tail -         Bella Collina -         Orange County National ,  Panther lake -         Eagle Dunes -         Orange County National ,  Crooked...
Ha,ha,ha, David, its only because I cannot hit the ball as far as you, so I have to do something to stay in the match.   Start buying a 60 * lobwedge David, Ups and downs are so easy than .   All the best, Piet
Hello this is Piet van Ammers and joined the sandtrap a few weeks ago, just before we went with 6 guys to Florida to Play some Golf.   I am 64 years old and get in touch with golf some 50 years ago, beeing a caddie at the Noordwijkse Golfclub in the Netherlands. After 35 years none golfing I picked it up again 15 years ago and still enjoy the game verry much.   I married Coby 41 years ago have 3 kids (2 sons and one doughter) and 3 grandchildren. The first present I...
Yep, I am one of the guys. playing with Frank against you and John. Looking forward to meet you all and play a good game off golf and have a great time on the 19e hole.   All the best, Piet
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