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Just saw this thread and OMG David, that's just awesome. You'll have a blast. Make sure you skip the first 9 to bring someone clothes and then only play the back nine with GMAC. He'll be impressed :) I'll keep an eye on this thread, golfing in the Netherlands is pretty sucky currently... Enjoy!
 That's very nice! My record is also 3 birdies in a row. But I wouldn't like to play you since I'd have to give 10 strokes! Are you sure your index is 16? 
Very nice course, I felt like a Japenese tourist, making photo's of the changing rooms and the clubhouse :) The Americans were great fun to be around (as usual) Two of us just left today after playing a round Orange County National - Panther Creek. There's a nice story to tell about our experience at Bella Collina.. One of the Dutch guys happened to run into a nice guy at Bella Collina, and after a short conversation our Dutch guy asks if this is his homecourse. The guy...
It was a real fun experience. Very nice guys and a nice course as well. The pins were indeed mean! It also didn't help that I left my putting stroke at home. 3 jacked at least 4 times. Despite our loss we really had a blast! We'd be happy to play with you again later this week.
Another one of the Euro's kicking in. Long time lurker on the site, but never registered. With the upcoming match that has to change naturally! We'll be flying tomorrow, really looking forward to visiting sunny FL! 
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