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I'd love a steel shaft in persimmon if I had one stiff enough or long enough. Springs are made of steel right? However, I could find one stiffer than an x and 44" long
Yes it is. It was cheaper to get the head than the shaft ironically. As far distance and accuracy, it goes farther on the screws but less on heel and toe hits. The gear effect is strong so a 340 drive becomes a 240 which is a big drop but it's in the fairway. The 48" metal stick I use will go 300 no matter what, whether it's straight or 4 fairways over. Plus my favorite part, the crack. It's like an old v8 with a cam. I'm much more motivated. To each their own but...
I was sad hitting this for the first tim; it's too nice. However, it'll crush the balls just fine. Anyone in the socal area that can swing a 2x shaft with 2" in the hosel can try it out. Thanks for the advice for those that gave it!
Maybe Mike's big secret was eat your wheaties and hit the gym?
Hello, You're absolutely correct on the shutter effect.  I went to House of Forged yesterday to buy a shaft and he put me on the swing moniter.  I was 120-123 with a steel shafted laminate club (Confidence 44" driver) and the same with my Macgregor(43" aluminum).  He let me use a XX stiff titanium and my swing speed went up to 130+ but this is where it got weird.  I hit every persimmon(or laminate) shot between 9 and 14 degrees (depending on address) with 2200-4000 spin...
Hello JoePete, Thanks for your response!   I'm actually on the hunt now for some new woods as I've cracked the insert on the driver and shattered the 5wood.  I've been watching a lot of youtube videos on how to drill out the hosel, apply the whipping, and even the leather grips.   I have no intention of collecting these clubs and they are my playing clubs.  It does get old justifying these clubs when I play them and it does make me happy to find those that appreciate...
In response to dbuck, thanks for the sources!
If I was playing with Bobby Jones' clubs, then I'd see your analogy with the model T. I did put modern hoosier slicks on my carbureted amx and I'd say it worked out great. Regardless, thanks for the input. I'll still play the persimmons because it's what I like. I'm not looking for ball speed or forgiveness, just inquiring as my ball flight has gotten very high with the long clubs. Thanks!
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