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This guy Ginella on Golfchannel is pimping courses with greens fees generally ranging from $100 to $300. Seriously, how many average golfers find these reports useful? Personally, my degree of enjoyment golfing is inversely proportional to the size of the associated costs.  
I think you guys are misusing the term "crocodile tears." Just sayin'
Look who won on the LPGA today!  
Do you mean this girl?
I wonder who that is? Nice shot!
Broseph, you missed a comma there! It's always good to be extra fastidious when calling out an erroneous post! 
I detest that uses an anchored putter. So unseemly for such a good player.  
On the brighter side, I have Day and Fowler on one of my teams, and I squeaked out with the weekly money for the Matchplay!  Look! Here's Jason Day watching Dubuisson hitting out of the dessert >>  
New Posts  All Forums: