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  Odd that you would think I am not calm from reading this thread. All the special attention around here makes me want to not post very much at all, but maybe that was the feeling you all are trying to elicit. BTW, great answer from you in the Paige thread. Rude on the face of it, but maybe that was not your intention. "If you like golf, it's all good!"   
 Does it matter what I want? Is it not allowed to just post a picture every time someone becomes #1?  
 Interesting. She's listed at the LPGA website as a member, and has made mention on the golf channel of some medical issues she's working through. Please elaborate on your statement that she is no longer a tour player. Thank you.
  Save the hate, kids. This is a fan thread.  
  Tour Forum: "Talk about professional and amateur tours and their players here." Are you bucking for Moderator?  I think there are already plenty.
  Whereupon I looked margin left and saw, "Location: NJ"    Yeah, let's keep it to a rathole about power carts!  
  I'm all in!   I
 Save the pity, bro. The moon landings were a hoax.
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