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 Save the pity, bro. The moon landings were a hoax.
     Yup, umbrella is part of the bag. The handle serves as a station for head covers when skies are dry, and, shucks, if it's not a great tool in a sudden soaker! Besides, I always use one of the umbrellas I got from my dad when he went to the big course in heaven.   Agreed.  IMO, the thread should have been titled, "You're Not A Golfer if . . . "
(preemptive apologies for my inability to properly embolden the quote in question, and for reading this thread from newest to oldest)  Busted!  
Nice hate thread. That super moderator guy   must be sleeping at the switch!     Now I have to go back and read the other 10 pages of the replies.  Good fun!
Why is WM not on the Golfchannel anymore? 
On the plus side, she has nice legs! 
Feeble riff on the false left-right paradigm, but amusing nonetheless! I found one like this once. (It was actually mine, too!) 
Good beer, nice price, what's not to like? I hear Kerr keeps this beer stocked at home!   
McDowell goes 67 for a successful title defense In France. Stadler goes major meltdown, topped off with a pathetic putt for the tie at 18. Lose the banned putter, dude.   They're poison.
New Posts  All Forums: