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Why is WM not on the Golfchannel anymore? 
On the plus side, she has nice legs! 
Feeble riff on the false left-right paradigm, but amusing nonetheless! I found one like this once. (It was actually mine, too!) 
Good beer, nice price, what's not to like? I hear Kerr keeps this beer stocked at home!   
McDowell goes 67 for a successful title defense In France. Stadler goes major meltdown, topped off with a pathetic putt for the tie at 18. Lose the banned putter, dude.   They're poison.
When Stafani walked to the scorer's tent yesterday on Tv, he was crunching down that cart path like piece of heavy machinery. Anyone have any idea how many pros are still wearing steel spikes, and the general attitude about that within the ranks?
Golf can be incredibly frustrating. For a great mind cleansing exercise, read Ernest Jones. Good luck!  
I'm definitely a big fan!  
I posted this as a new thread entitled, "Announcer Fail--Verb modifier agreement." What particular guideline I violated thereby I have no idea, but thanks for the vigilant moderation!  In any case, I thought it would make for some interesting discussion. Probably not coincidentally, I see ads for 5 Swing Keys on television which are guilty of this same chronic misuse of English, adopting the catchphrase, "strike it pure" as their motto. If the replies to this post in this...
I am sure the old game is just fine, unlike so many whiners and worrywarts. Folks have been predicting the end of the world for a long, long time. 
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