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Age: 42   Height:  6'6   Where are u from:  Texas   How long playing:   20 yrs on and off   Best Score 70   Favorite Club in Bag: SW and 7 iron tie   Golf Books/DVDs :   A good Walk Spoiled &  If u play Golf you are my friend   Where do u play: Anywhere I can but Winstar World Casino is home course for now   Best Courses I've played: Pebble Beach, Whistling Straits, Cog Hill, Blackwolf Run, KO o Lau, TPC Las Colinas, Oak Tree   Things I enjoy most about...
   I really haven't ever set up long term goals and have been more of a short term goal person but this thread has me thinking. I always aspire to shoot for moon so golf should be no different.     Backstory. I've been a 4-12 handicapper since I took the game up when I was in college. best score 71 and on 99% of days I couldn't shoot below 75 or above 85.  Last year got a lesson and things just clicked and I went to a 0.6 index and currently sit at 2.4 though I haven't...
 Awesome pics. As stated in our PM's I wonder what you would have shot under exact open conditions from tees that they played and green speed. Is 130 about right?   Hope I get to play there some day
    I am not a fan of it due to their false advertisement and rudeness but the course is fun to play some of the replica holes although in actuality they aren't exact replicas it is fun. Not nearly as good as other area courses. I am about to play Las Colinas Country Club soon and I am looking fwd to that
 Playing white (member tees) tmrw and shot 33 on 9 there before. I'm gonna say I shoot par for the 1st time ever
  82 from Tips and than I played an xtra 9 with a member from the white tees (2 tees up) and shot 33.  Im playing 18 tmrw from the whites with him so let's hope I can post a #
  42-38   40 degrees and 30 mph winds.  Nut a driver one way it goes 340  the other way 220   ( I prefer the 340 )
  Guess it depends on how long a 'SLUMP' is for you. Is it 2 weeks?  5 rounds?  If I go 3 rounds w/o playing well I study my stats and I don't play a round for a week and put in double the practice time.  My slumps usually come from me trying shots that are too difficult/poor putting    Good luck
http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/9855895/nevada-man-pleads-guilty-shooting-golfer-hit-home     Title says it all     Have u guys ever come close to hitting house or breaking window?  I have hit numerous houses and broken 1 window. 
  I obv realize that but that doesn't quite work 
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