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      Quoted twice for Dude. Was fun playing with u. We are turrible
I hit 3 great shots today. First one, with a 20 mph wind behind me I hit a 3w from 297 (287 to pin) to about 25 feet . I also 3 putted ��. The next shot on Nxt hole was also. 3w from 197 uphill against the wind that I also nuked to 25 feet past hole. But my best shot was. 7iron into a wind from 155. I played it back a touch to keep it down and puréd it. It hit about 5 feet in front of pin and hit stick and stopped that I tapped in for birdie... This was on a 626 yard hole...
76. From 7612 yards and 25 mph winds. Pretty darn happy
  Had this 'discussion' with a few ppl via Twitter last night that were saying how Phil should be pissed etc.     A.  Phil didn't have to let Rory play up   B. Rory could've simply said it's too dark   The restart was for 9am so it's 12 hours were talking about here and not that big a deal.   Golf is a different game then all other sports (thankfully)  where u don't try to blow in a competitors ear, hit him in the nuts and poke his eyes at bottom of pile, or take a...
  You're at a Country Club, not some Muni so you prolly won't get too many rude fwd guys.  What others have said, just be friendly and mindful of the golfers.  One thing a girl did for us yesterday which was really great and we tipped her well was we were on the green and she had filled up 4 cups of ice and put them in our carts.    We didn't need anything at this time but she just told us that she did it and she'll see us in a few holes.  Really went over well
+1. . In a time where stupid analogous remarks roam the internet, this one took the proverbial cake
Played pretty poor yesterday and today and gonna take a few days off (unless my buddy gets me on Oak Tree this weekend and then I'm drivin 2 hrs to play). Shot 80 both days we identical 39-41s. On diff courses. 3 putted 8 times in 2 days
My exact thoughts. Leave a note and explain u don't have $ to pay for it. They might surprise u and tell you it's ok and then again they might ask u to share cost or accept responsibility. Either way, you'll be doing the right thing.Leave a note with. Buddies ph # if ur rlly scared
For guy above u my partner shot 92. AK could shoot 70 with 1 arm on these set ups, lol. And we had 3 carts. They just state that because they don't want more than 2 per group but we had 3 in our group. They charged us $20/cart . Gl . Love the pre game routine and followed it to a "T". Looool
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