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 Congrats man, I remember that feeling well!  4 birdies is salty!
Same here, made a dbl eagle but never an ace... Kinda annoying but least I don't have to participate in dumbest tradition ever (buying others drinks)
I don't think I've ever hit all fairways
Ding ding, we have a winner. Just avoid big numbers. Don't try low % shots and aim for middle of green no matter where the pin is
U guys are really cool. 86% disagreed with my idea but everyone was very civil and not callin me a douche (my sensitive side thanks u). What I wish I would've said its more about time then it is handicap which it 100% is. I'd rather play a 4 hour round with someone who shoots 120 than a 5 hr round with someone who shoots 60. No excuse for slow play. To further the fact that I might be an idiot, I voted that I don't support PGAs tee it fwd program but only because. I...
   FWIW played today as single and played with the nicest couple in the world. The lady had just picked up golf but the husband had obv taught her the ropes. He was prolly a 20 and her 30 but they played at a good speed and were so nice.  I should've stated that time and etiquette > skill level.  
    None in Texas that I can remember..I have friends in Lebanon near u that found that crazy as well, guess it's just a region thing
  A lot of courses don't offer 9 hole rates which stops golfers from going out to late.  Is the USGA mandating clubs offer reduced rates as Im not really aware of the program
Maybe, who knows. I think pp,wldnt mind. Giving their handicap and of course I. Not suggesting a course turn away business.
People call in that aren't already In. Foursomes. It's not that hard.Customer : hey I'd like a tee time for around 2Pro shop: do u have an established handicap and what tees do u play so we can pair u with someone who plays like ucustomer : what a neat idea
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