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I think the only way to call Rory overrated is to compare him to Tiger. No other player since Tiger has accomplished as much at a young age. Is he the next Tiger? Of course not, but he's the closest thing we've seen to him since.
Thanks for the clarification. I thought they'd gone nuts for a second.
I don't think these times can be correct, can they? Single in one group and fivesomes in another?!?   http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/the-open-championship/tee-times.html
Moosehead......You can always tell when someone loves moosehead from all the antler scratches on their chest. 
A pitch shot is where you have to pitch the ball up into the air to get it over something. Whether that be a bunker, water, rough, or undulations in a green.   A chip shot is used around the green with low trajectory and more roll, usually with a lower lofted club (but not necessarily).
 Yeah apparently Nantz has his head up his arse because the British Open site is congratulating just the 4 you mentioned.
I'm talking about Romero....Nantz said he's in because it's top 4 and ties.
Sounds like he did....they just said top 4 and ties.
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