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He's been a machine this week. Unless he falls off unexpectedly, I don't see Hoffman keeping up with him.
Tim Rosaforte just reported that he was dumped in a park 6 miles from where he was taken. Said he woke up in a gully being kicked by homeless people. A woman said she saw him pulled from a car trunk then a retired military man came to his aid and gave him cab money to get back to his hotel. There were 2 people with him at the bar but he was alone in the parking lot garage when it happened.
Wow, they just gave the news that Robert Allenby was kidnapped, beaten, and robbed last night from a bar. He missed the cut and was having drinks a a bar when it happened.
Hate to get involved in this back and forth, but I have never heard a plane flyover during the Masters.
Just heard Bubba apologize to his caddy for a bad swing (one of many so far) on the front nine.
34 out of the 38 qualifiers showed up for the event. Kaymer, Rory, Rose and Scott are the no-shows.
Whew! I was nervous for him but he held up under the pressure and played the stretch like a veteran. This was big for him. Exempt through 2017, punched his ticket for the Masters and the Player's, not to mention the big check.   Way to go Ben!
He took it easy the last month or so and didn't stay sharp with his game. He said last week was a wake up call. You have to have your focus right every time you step on the course.
Shout out to my cuz Ben Martin. This is the first time he's had a lead going into the final round on the Tour. Hopefully he'll stay aggressive, hot with putter, and keep the nerves in check.
I think the only way to call Rory overrated is to compare him to Tiger. No other player since Tiger has accomplished as much at a young age. Is he the next Tiger? Of course not, but he's the closest thing we've seen to him since.
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