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Whew! I was nervous for him but he held up under the pressure and played the stretch like a veteran. This was big for him. Exempt through 2017, punched his ticket for the Masters and the Player's, not to mention the big check.   Way to go Ben!
He took it easy the last month or so and didn't stay sharp with his game. He said last week was a wake up call. You have to have your focus right every time you step on the course.
Shout out to my cuz Ben Martin. This is the first time he's had a lead going into the final round on the Tour. Hopefully he'll stay aggressive, hot with putter, and keep the nerves in check.
I think the only way to call Rory overrated is to compare him to Tiger. No other player since Tiger has accomplished as much at a young age. Is he the next Tiger? Of course not, but he's the closest thing we've seen to him since.
Thanks for the clarification. I thought they'd gone nuts for a second.
I don't think these times can be correct, can they? Single in one group and fivesomes in another?!?   http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/the-open-championship/tee-times.html
Moosehead......You can always tell when someone loves moosehead from all the antler scratches on their chest. 
A pitch shot is where you have to pitch the ball up into the air to get it over something. Whether that be a bunker, water, rough, or undulations in a green.   A chip shot is used around the green with low trajectory and more roll, usually with a lower lofted club (but not necessarily).
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