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Gotta give a shout out of congrats to my cousin Ben Martin for hanging in there for a big third place finish today. He's got the game to contend and maybe his showing this week will help his confidence and comfort level to get there more often.
I don't know that I've ever seen a drive on 13 as far and down on the flat as Bubba's is today.
 I remember some of the comments from the UK fans about the bloke with the tattoos covering his arms at the Open few years ago.
After today, he might change his mind.
Look on William's face after that missed birdie was worth the price of admission
He's definitely been described as cocky and apparently has a penchant for the ganja. I think if he wins and says he thinks he's a top 5 player, it would be hilarious.
We have a new leader. Steve Williams better pick up his game or he's going to lose.
That was at Jake Trout's get together up in the northwest (Fred Meyer Challenge) during the Peters Party event where a dozen or so Pros put on a show. Chi Chi went up to him and told him he had big brass balls for trying that. It's for sale on video which is probably why it's not on you-tube.
Trevino says leaving the pin in will only help a bad shot...I always leave it in.
One of the rare shows that has made me laugh so hard tears come out. When they take the international road trips there's nothing better.
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