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The eagles record was blown away this year. the old record was 37 and they're over 40 this year.
Kid's got ice water in his veins...
I think that drive on 15 had a little red ass on it.
I guess the only thing left is to see if he reaches 20 under.
I never get tired of seeing a panoramic view of #12
Spieths lead is one better after nine. Now as they say, the real masters starts.
With an all around good putt.
Rose is making a mess out of this hole.
Who would believe they'd both miss 4 ft birdie putts. Not a good start for either. Phil shows them how it's done.
Spieth has been working towards this day for at least 7 years. Check out what he says at the end of this video clip.   http://nesn.com/2015/04/jordan-spieth-talks-about-winning-the-masters-at-14-years-old-video/
New Posts  All Forums: