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Nonsens. Mr Spieth is a tremendous golfer. Although,in my view, not spectacular. With DJ you see a mile drive, Sergio treats us with a nice sandy, Jiminez probably a hole in 1, TW given us whatever and Phil brings his great wedges. That's why I like to watch those guys more. Nothing to do with rival. Stardom comes and gratually goes.
Like, dislike, boring or not. We all have our favorites/heroes and that's fine as it is. What matters is that probably everybody here was glued to the TV, watching in exitement. How cool is that? One week you play well (Fowler, Jacquelin, also Luijten), but the next week you are gone. That's what fascinate me about this game of golf.   Might be off  topic, but what makes you a HOF? What are the criteria? I believe I read something about Mark o Maera, that he was a bit...
The Brits are going nuts with Donald surging up through the leaderboard
Spieth will get nr. 3
Oh well, I leave it. I will admit I am a big TW fan. He is playing bad, he knows it. I just don't get it why he is getting the sarcastic treatment. Nevermind.
Well, as long as we can not get it out of that bunker linke Tiger just did, I guess we need to hush and take a bow
Hahaha, learning curve. Respect and media is out. It is what I see way bevond the pond here.TW has a long way to go to play decent, perhaps, but that is not my point. It is idiot the way he is being written about, life is hard as a professional atlete, critics, you have to deal with. But it is so tasteless right now.
I find the media treatment Tiger Woods currently is receiving after his performance a disgrase and totally out of proportion. I get the feeling some sort of personal war is being settled. He is not playing well, we all can see that. I read an article in golfdigest, multiple repeat of the word 'done'. Uncalled for. What happened to the US media and their respect for their storting heroes? Does Woods needs to be 65? High trees do catch a lot of wind, certainly in Scotland,...
In essence, he needs more (play)time to incorporate a few things? Lif is hard for a golf pro enduring a swing change
New Posts  All Forums: