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I feel it is not classy of mr Haney to shout his opinions like that. What is the point of it? Let it go.
Could his relationship with ms. Vonn be a factor, in a way that someone who knows what it takes to be the best will motivate him to get the best out of him? She knows what it is or what it takes to be the best. The sacrifice, the labour, the doubt etc. 
I am wondering why he should retire. He just hired a new coach. If the body can not cope, it could be a reason. He seems to enjoy life more.
A burn out. I have never experienced one. Let alone a golf burn out. I hope I never experience a burn out of whatever. I think it was October 2014 that I played 18 holes. Somehow, the weekends were busy and I couldn't find the time to fit in some holes in the weekend. At some point, I didn't miss it. Talked a bit about golf, watched golf on tV, but that was it. No urge to go, nothing. A few weeks back, I went to the range. Nice weather, had a hour to spare. Out of the...
A nice thread. Somewhat strange reading for a person living outside the good old USA.   To give you an idea. You are talking about differences in a teaching system (as I think I can discribe it) versus the total lack of knowledge in my country. I frequently meet teaching pro's who sometimes have read 'something' about S&T let alone 5sk. The only thing they can mumble is it is a swing in which you stay on the left side, with overlooking all the positives. They keep hangin...
Kind a like ' who will be the next Jordan, Lebron etc..'
Not sure if this is the correct thread. I saw a short film during the rain break about TW 'new' swing. The commentator said TW wasn't dipping his head so much, and stressen the importance of a steady head, which is nice. I was wondering what is worse: your head diipping or your head moving side tot side. If you want to learn people a steady head, but somehow that person isn't able to control it, would you take a dip versus Side by side? Diipping should bring an other...
I d make a living of saving taxes:-D Exception does prove the rule. You Americans know how to honor you sportlink heroes, even if they did something wrong in the past. At the end, they do get the recogniton. Anyway, That's how I see it from across the ocean. Everything TW does, is under glass and that sometimes seems to be forgotten. I guess he is no saint, but so are his fellow competitiors.
 Spoken by a wise man! Hear, hear!
I am sorry MvMac, A bit stupid of me to drag BC into the conversation.    Point taken about TW swing. At key 3, to far forward, could you compensate it by extending more? Raising the handle?   Furthermore, between the thumbs. In general at top sport level, if a coach would want a swingchange, how long would it take to have an effect? Or isn't there a rule? It depends on the athlete?
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