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Well, let me give an example of a hole I played last saturday. A par 5 with a lot of water in front of the green. I hit a decent drive, but my second shot came a bit right in wet and a bit thick rough. I had a fairly clear shot to the green, but to get to the pin, I had to fade it a bit. The shot was around 175 yards, roughly 160 yards to carry the water and wind coming in. The front part of the water would be around 125 yards.    The thought never went through my mind...
Iacas. I am well aware of my playing hcp. I come to terms with the fact that playing a round of golf, I will most likely hit a ball or 2/3 that are s@#$t. Golf is a diffecult game. I have 2 (probably more, but these two are killing me so to speak) issues. 1. I do not step away when I am not feeling comfortable at address. Still hit the ball and, no surprise there, the result is awfull. Such a simple thing of stepping away and I can not get it in my system. 2. I have...
First of all, I think mr. E. Jones has the coolest Avatar of all.   Secondly, I have no clue if RM is overrated. I just wonder how long is back will hold with such a powerfull swing. Sometimes I feel he puts a lot of strain on his back. Time will tell.
@wedgehead. I could not agree more. I have a set of  Yonex Cyberstars forged (2005) in the bag. Same clubs as Ryo Ishikawa used to play with. The feel, grooves and look of those clubheads are unmatched. 
I was very much in doubt to buy the VG3 or my current irons, the Yamaha's. Both Carbon forged. I never hit the VG3 so I couldn't say how they feel. But the Y's have a buttery feel, reasonable forgiving on off center hits. Not a blade look, not sure how to discribe, but no offset with some cb, player irons. I have been told several times that my hcp would lower 2 points if I would play more forgiving irons, but the sound and most of all the feel of a well forged iron is...
VG3? Nippon shaft?
I would buy Japanese forged clubs. I don't think I have to explain it
I feel it is not classy of mr Haney to shout his opinions like that. What is the point of it? Let it go.
Could his relationship with ms. Vonn be a factor, in a way that someone who knows what it takes to be the best will motivate him to get the best out of him? She knows what it is or what it takes to be the best. The sacrifice, the labour, the doubt etc. 
I am wondering why he should retire. He just hired a new coach. If the body can not cope, it could be a reason. He seems to enjoy life more.
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