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Of what I understand of the golf media, more or less I get the impression that Tom Watson made some crucial errors.   Could it ever be possible that a non-american would captain the USA side? The FA (soccer, that is) appointed a foreigner as a coach for the national team.
To put my 2 cents on it, for what it's worth.    The team selection is what it is. You can argue al you want about other choices, but that makes no sense. It is done. That team had to prove it (and they failed). I feel mr. Reed led by example. Unfortunately, the rest of his team didn't follow.    Call me naive, but on paper, the USA team was quite strong. Multiple tour en Major winners! So those guys can play golf. They had a chance. Credit where credit is due. Team...
Although it is beautiful weather at the moment in Holland, wintertime is slowly approaching. I practise on a 9 holes par 3/4 course, with a small driving range. I can not take out the driver / 3 wood (and even a hybrid) for a full swing. The balls would fly over the range. Yet, after reading The Lowest Score Wins, I want to step up my practise on the driver.   I have searched for 2/3 specific driver exercises which I can use on the small DR. I haven't found a good one...
Could you say team USA did not exploit Euro's weakness? Björn , Gallacher, Westwood, to me the weaker players. Watson, Bradley, disappointing.
You have got to love Patrick Reed. I ama fan! Nice to see the Foley boys bamging each other.
I have to say, I think I have to read it a couple of times to fully understand it. Really like some items. For one thing, the reality check. And the course management aspects. So underrated, but so true. Sad thing is that I can not do a lot of measurements. Simply not possible on the dr I frequentie visite. I have to resolve that.
Webb Simpson (and maybe Bubba) are weak i.m.o.. Furyk can't close, but who knows.   I think Westwood and Poulter are weak, only, based on history, Poulter might catch fire. Not so sure about Björn either. The USA helped itself in the underdog position, but I am not sure if that is justified. 
Well, I think Reed/Spieth win was not expected and a bit of a surprise. 
Wow. First punch is thrown. 
I think this could be a huge surprise. I feel the USA is so underrated. They could nick it.
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