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 A par 4 400 yard is a kind of stretching for the 3w. I agree that it would be kin dof wishfull thinking that I could hit the green. Given my hcp, I tend to play it like a par 5. Hit a quit i6 or something to get near the green. A trustfull chip and 2 puts. And that strategy worked well in my last competition game. I got 37 points, 89 strokes.  But I agree, there is nothing like a big whoomp from the big dog. 
I certainly like the challenge. Might call it being proud. Or stubbern. Would love to hit all the clubs in the bag consistently. But I would probably be a scratch player, hahaha.   Still, the 3 wood set me up nicely to being able to hit the driver. I attack the par 5 in three on the green. The 3w will give me more than enough distance to do so. We'll see.  
I got a few questions. I really like the video. Distance wise like. Am I correct that with the left swing, the distance was shorter than on the right? The swing on the right. Am I correct that in the follow through, the left hip socket is higher than the right hip? Video on the right, am I correct that by extending, weight is left, but pressure is on the right foot? To thrust of the ground so to speak?
The mystery of the game. It doesn't matter how wel you hit it. When you are on the tee of the first hole, hahahaha. Nice to notice some similar experiences. So: play ball!
I know my post might seem ludocrous. I try to monitor certainly key elements, like ball position etc.. But that is not really what I am looking for. SOmehow, the 3w feeds more nature, safe, comfortable. I would like to think it should be easier to hit the driver. Just by the size of the head. Somehow, I find it more difficult to align the club compared with the 3w. When I watch TV, when the driver isn't working for the tour pro, they go to the 3w. Why is that. What...
Not sure if this is appropriate, but I am sure the moderator will keep an eye open. I would like to tell something about my golf game. I can not understand some points completely and would like to know some opinions. I had a Ping 3 wood. Could not hit with it. Nothing, zip. I bought a 3w Titleist head with Oban shaft. Steady as a rock. I use it from the tee. Smoke comes off the ball. It seems almost impossible to hit a bad shot with it. Picknick up distance, hit it as...
Glad to say I have received the book. Loods great. I have started. A lot makes sense and seems logical. Have to say I Miss some pictures. If I have questions I will ask.
 Waste of my money. Played yesterday, had a fabulous drive followed by a horrible second. Had a 55 yard pitch shot, pin high. I decided to leave the flag (never thought of pitching it in, hoped to pitch it close). Crisp contact, one bounce, ball hit the pin and it dropped straight in for the birdie!! Probably once in a lifetime hahaha.  Still nothing in the mailbox....
My cents also.
Erik, might be off topic, but could you explain the difference of being a (good) coach for Joe (the HackerStacker) of the tour pro? I mean, you might well be a greaat coach for the weekend golfer, but not for the pro. Do you need extra/other qualifications? In technical terms? Would there be a difference between a tour coach or a non tour coach.
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