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Kind a like ' who will be the next Jordan, Lebron etc..'
Not sure if this is the correct thread. I saw a short film during the rain break about TW 'new' swing. The commentator said TW wasn't dipping his head so much, and stressen the importance of a steady head, which is nice. I was wondering what is worse: your head diipping or your head moving side tot side. If you want to learn people a steady head, but somehow that person isn't able to control it, would you take a dip versus Side by side? Diipping should bring an other...
I d make a living of saving taxes:-D Exception does prove the rule. You Americans know how to honor you sportlink heroes, even if they did something wrong in the past. At the end, they do get the recogniton. Anyway, That's how I see it from across the ocean. Everything TW does, is under glass and that sometimes seems to be forgotten. I guess he is no saint, but so are his fellow competitiors.
 Spoken by a wise man! Hear, hear!
I am sorry MvMac, A bit stupid of me to drag BC into the conversation.    Point taken about TW swing. At key 3, to far forward, could you compensate it by extending more? Raising the handle?   Furthermore, between the thumbs. In general at top sport level, if a coach would want a swingchange, how long would it take to have an effect? Or isn't there a rule? It depends on the athlete?
MvMac, could you please explain why there isn't any need of big changes?   From golf.com: 'After seeing Woods' current swing, Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee, who has often criticized Woods' action, tweeted "Tiger is more upright and his swing is longer. Both good signs."  
I hate to say it, but it looks fluid, effortless, oh dear, fluid like young Rory.   I would love to read a technical annalysis from MvMac
Well, to paraphase: TW wrong, Tw right, my TW.   What I admire in US culture, is the ability to give a lot/true respect to their sporting hero's. Something I feel we lack in my country. Somehow, I feel that aspect is lost when it comes down to TW.  
I found that interview stupid, not funny and badly written. Nothing to do with TW or any other golfer. It is a lack of imagination. Sometimes, I feel journalisme thinks they are the Kingpins, the know it all. They drifted away by wanting to become superstars by themselves. 
What I wonder, would you say that Tiger really has a  sense of a golfswing. Does he know? Could he be a teacher? I once read a story about a Major tour winnar who really didn't had a clue about positions etc. He just hit the ball. 
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