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Such a simple sentence, yet a whole lot of teachers refuse to even try it and/or willing to discus it. I thin you have a good teacher. Enjoy.
Just looked at my swing again. I hate it. Feel ain't real. I thought I my swing was a bit better. I like the shirt.
Bill, thanks for your comments. I think I have to agree with your comments.   Your description of Stenson’s swing seems more accurate to me. I am sorry if I suggested he was swaying. If I see him, I always get the image of a sprinter getting ready to go. Looks so powerfull.   Thanks for the other remarks. Overdoing is always wrong. And I agree with feel ain’t real.   Last Sunday, I did not want to ‘fight’ against my body. Why fight your body if it wants to react in...
I have a question. I hope MVMAC might have some clips which I can check.   I learned that a sway is a bad thing. To me (in short words), a sway for a righty, is that the whole body/swingcenter is moving to the right on the backswing without coming back on the downswing. Rocking. Also a sway, the hips moving to the right.   I like to be centered, or feeling centered. The swing of Hendrik Stenson intrigues me.   Before he starts his backswing, it seems his whole body...
Scrolled through the Posts and other the threads. I have no idea what to make of some things. I found certain info and Numbers about weight versus presure very helpful. S&T in Europe is pretty hard to find, there are a few teachers in Holland. I think a lot of instruction is still based upon wrong info, like a level hip turn etc. So we have a Mountain to climb. Yet, I have the feeling, although firmly based in the S&T info, they evolved and use more data and or info to...
I am thinking about purchasing it. But I have my doubts.   I wonder what it will do for my golf game besides tracking my scores and hits. It won't lower my hcp. I do not understand why it could help lowering my hcp. I feel it is a very usefull tool for the low hcp players. Am I correct?
Darren Hopwood
Nonsens. Mr Spieth is a tremendous golfer. Although,in my view, not spectacular. With DJ you see a mile drive, Sergio treats us with a nice sandy, Jiminez probably a hole in 1, TW given us whatever and Phil brings his great wedges. That's why I like to watch those guys more. Nothing to do with rival. Stardom comes and gratually goes.
Like, dislike, boring or not. We all have our favorites/heroes and that's fine as it is. What matters is that probably everybody here was glued to the TV, watching in exitement. How cool is that? One week you play well (Fowler, Jacquelin, also Luijten), but the next week you are gone. That's what fascinate me about this game of golf.   Might be off  topic, but what makes you a HOF? What are the criteria? I believe I read something about Mark o Maera, that he was a bit...
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