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Hey Mike,you're mixing up similar and identical again. Don't be misquoting me, please.
  True, but who said anything about trying to change anything. I try to establish impact conditions at address and return to the ball in the downswing with similar conditions. Its not brain science.  IMO the 25 handicapper in this picture could adopt a better start position but he has at least returned to impact with very similar conditions.  
Or check out this old guy...    He makes address and impact look similar.    
 Sorry, this ones much better... 
 Yes, that's the million dollar question. I'm sure if you asked any of the golfing greats they would have a stab at answering that question and be gunned down a little for their explanations. I have been having a stab at answering that question here on this thread and continue to do so. Having a strong understanding of the most important impact conditions and an awareness or feeling for them is where its all at. My setup/address focuses on preparing my body for impact and...
 Thanks, and I agree that most excellent ball strikers will have low single digit handicaps but things like the yips (I hate even using the word) can ruin careers - Baker-Finch, Ballesteros, Me - not to mention how mental/psychological issues can hold an excellent player back from his true potential.
 I don't disagree with what you are saying and working on other parts of the swing should not be ignored.From my experience, golfers and teaching pros allocate far too much time on parts of the swing that IMO don't accredit such importance. It only stands to reason that your main intention during a swing will automatically be what you were working on during your last practice session. And again, IMO, if that's not an impact intention then you will be directing your focus...
  I didn't say you don't need to work on other parts of the swing, I just think golfers shouldn't be getting too bogged down by them. As someone already said on this thread, "I could rest the club on my right shoulder and probably hit the ball better than a 1.2 handicapper." That's because he has confidence in his ability to attain good impact positions with any old back swing. 
 Ouch! But I could be and I have left a point out of my stated handicap or a plus sign. However, that's not an argument I've known golfers with excellent ball striking ability who fail to get to single digits because of other ghosts that this game can throw at you.   I couldn't have put that any better myself. That's why I allocate 5% of my time to such things.
New Posts  All Forums: