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Hey guys im keen to but new golf clothes because i am now a member of a club which im pumped about ! im in australia but i would like fast and free shipping or maybe little amounts ! what online stores do you find are the best and have had experience with and have bought from before ?? Also does any one buy off Ebay ? and what brand do you most like wearing ? 
Hey guys im getting a drive or a fairway wood or hybrid tomoz im soo keen to get this have been waiting a while im defs gunna get the driver im going to spend 180 max ! thoughts on what i should get ? would love a few repies :)
ok so i have got my irons , my grandads old ones in good nick and they are preety good apparntly ! So now the driver needs updating , i dont wanna spend the 150 - 200 bucs as im only starting out , any good ones around even second hand ? able to buy online aswell.
Hey guys im a 14 year old boy from Australia and just joined this forum as i need some professional advice , so i started to play golf at the age of 5 to about 8  then stopped and focused on tee ball and cricket and footy , but now i only play cricket and i love it ! i have started to think about golf a little more and i think it could be a good thing for my cricket , i have callaway junior XJ series but they are abit to small for me now , but they are ok just for now , i...
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