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Congratulations, however be prepared to go backwards again! I got 103 then 100 before breaking 100 by getting a 93. I was confident I could stay below 100 but my last rounds have been 123, 115 and 112. Golf makes no sense to me!
He really shouldn't be considered a pro!
My 6i swing speed is 65mph :(
A UK perspective. It seems to be a generally accepted rule that jeans are frowned upon, even on public courses. I'm a relative newbie who hasn't even broken 100, but I still respect the heritage and etiquette of the game and would never wear jeans. I always make sure I'm wearing a collared shirt too.
Had a better range session last night. I normally start off well, so when things started going pear shaped with irons I switched to woods and vice versa. Seemed to do the trick and I'm feeling more confident for my round tomorrow. Let's see if I can break 100 for the first time!
I think part of the problem was that I wasn't in a good mood as I'd had an awful day at work. There were also some idiots messing around at the range and I couldn't concentrate properly. I will go again tomorrow before playing 18 on Saturday.
Just got back from the worst range session ever. Really down and defeatist about it all now. Was only working on short irons too, which should be the easiest to hit. Was going well for 20 balls but the next 20 or so just topped and sliced. How do you guys cope with a horrendous round / range session. Trying to put it out of my mind but I won't be pleased until I play well again.
I've tossed a club into a tree before. Embarrassing to say the least! When I get angry I sometimes hit my bag with the club, surprised I haven't broken my phone that's normally in there.
By ugly I probably mean bulky. I'm not a fan of colourful elaborate designs and names put on clubs, I'm also not a fan of bulky oddly shaped cavities (although both are hidden at address). A smaller compact head gives me a bit more confidence for some reason.
Thanks. Yes Mizuno MP60, my "blades" comment was a bit of sarcasm as the MP60s have a slight cavity, but a lot of people think forged irons should only be used by good players. I prefer the shape and style of the Mizunos over other ugly game improvement irons.
New Posts  All Forums: