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 This. It is all relative, and even if one can't afford it, it his judgement to make. I have been both places. I bought a new set of irons when I was making much less than now, and now I seldom buy anything new.
Hey, it could be worse. You could've been like me yesterday. Five fairways, 2 greens, AND 20 putts for a 46! But I was missing them close, LOL.   Seriously, you had some good ballstriking. That headgame called putting will come around.
Generally speaking, if the shafts are the same model, the stiffer shaft will have a little lower trajectory and twist less than the same shaft in regular. In simple terms, if you have no trouble getting the ball in the air, a stiffer shaft can give a little more control over direction and trajectory. If you do have trouble getting the ball in the air, a more flexible shaft can sometimes help. Old school thought was flexible= more distance; stiff = more control. This is...
I think it is  the club we old timers referred to as an 8 iron.
I voted yes, could have voted maybe, but more yes than maybe.   If it is CCW and the person is permitted, I would prefer not to know, but perhaps they informed for my benefit. Some states have legal open carry. Just like golf, CCW has certain unspoken etiquette, and I prefer those be observed.   As long as no laws are being broken, and the person does not appear unstable, I have no problem with it.
I don't want to hold myself out as an expert, but you do get a little help with direction on GI clubs as the offset helps a little with squaring the face, and the weight distribution helps resist twisting. But I don't think it impairs intentional fades or draws which are created by deliberately altering face angle relative to swing path. Search "ball flight rules" on this forum.
Very cool
You have a reasonable budget and conservatively there are probably at least 30 sets from various manufacturers that would fit your parameters. A good way to start is go to some golf oriented retailers and just look at what looks good to you and read the reviews on ones you may be interested in.   As far as "working the ball", if you mean hitting draws and fades, you can do that with any class of iron. Forged "players clubs" are a little easier so they say to work up and...
To just summarize what WUTiger and Mvmac said,  woods are numbered relative to each other, and so are irons and hybrids. Having the type of seeming anomaly you have is neither new nor uncommon. Both your 5 wood and 4H are moderately strong; in the old days a wood with 19* might be called a 4 wood. Back in the days of wooden woods, it was roughly something like:   Driver 8-11* 2 wood 12-14 3 wood 15-16 4 wood 17-19 5 wood 20-23   Nowadays, you don't see many clubs...
I think the USGA has done a decent job the last several years with the  US Open setup. Regardless of what they say, I do believe that in 1974 and a couple of years after, they were excessively punitive, and also regradless of what they say, some of it was reaction to Miller's 63 in 1973. The past several years however have been quite fair.   I don't have a problem with lengthing holes nor with changing par. I don't think they are protecting par, I think they are defining...
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