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Mine is worth $23.52, but only because I keep a $20 bill in the sandwich bag with my spare change To me though, it is priceless.
I really love that pine tree one!
If I or some partners hit an ugly shot that turns out in an ok position, I say "Crude but effective."
For a golfer of his caliber, that was a pretty bad putt, not really bad luck. If it had been a 15 foot putt, and he was off by the same margin, he would have been at least a foot wide and a lot long, and nobody would call that a good putt. I am not saying I would have made it, but I am not Tiger. A few years ago that would have been a foregone conclusion. I do think he is headed in the right direction, and the old Tiger was certainly evident in the 62. But I do think...
My group is informal but courteous with regard to being quiet while others are making a stroke, avoiding putting lines, and sanding divots. Not everyone is as good about ball marks. I try to at least follow the practice of fix yours and one more, so that takes up some slack. My course recently put in sand boxes and sand bottles on the cart, so that has improved my divot awareness. We play ready golf, and really other than for organized tournaments, I see that as becoming...
On my most often played course, I might lose one ball per 27 holes. I usually play 9 and seldom lose one. There are a couple of water hazards that I will find maybe once in 27 holes. The rough is not bad, and the woods near the fairway are clean. On one hole this summer, I did hit two rainmaker hooks OB never to be seen again, but that doesn't happen often. There are a couple of other courses that I play occasionally, both of which usually take me at least a sleeve to...
Along with a lot of other unindicted co-conspirators!
Actually, the universal set works equally well for yards or meters, but we do like to consider meters for the PRO custom fitted set, with a small upcharge of course.
I will be happy to license you for the UK as well as the Continent for a nominal fee per unit :)Also, if you have any contacts in the Asian market, I am sure we can work out a mutually beneficial deal, and let's not forget our cousins down under.
Just in time for Christmas, I have developed a new accessory guaranteed to make golfers two clubs longer with all their irons. Basically, it is a set of carbon fiber reinforced stickers, available in chrome or satin finish. What you do is take the PW sticker and attach over the number of your 8 iron, the 9 iron sticker over the number on your 7 iron and so on. Each set contains multiple numbers to replace those that fall off, and also to use on clubs that you hit the same...
New Posts  All Forums: