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I play persimmon or laminated maple most of the time. My favorite balls are the softer ones. I like the Titleist DT SoLo, the Callaway Supersoft, and the Wilson Duo. When I feel the need for a premium ball, is it the Bridgestone RX or RXS. I am looking forward to trying the new Chrome Soft with the old sticks.   I am VERY happy with a 250 yard drive; the normal good one is more like 235-40.
I am lusting after a Jones Players Series carry bag.   I have about 6 or 8 useable bags right now, so bringing in another would disrupt marrital bliss, such as it is.
I voted 15-17, might have voted 15-18 if that had been an option. I think they might carry a couple of drivers depending on the course, an additional wedge or two, possibly a leftie(or rightie) club, and maybe an addtional putter. They have the ability to hit so many shots with the same club, that I don't think it would be as wild as some would think.   On the other hand,  their sponsors might pay them all to carry 25 and convince us idiots that we needed to as well.
On the course, one end of the towel is damp, the other end is dry. Wipe the face with the wet end and dry with the dry after every shot. They stay pretty clean that way, so less supplemental cleanings. When I do, I usually just use Fantastic or Purple power and a toothbrush, then rinse in cold water and dry. I will occassionally polish the irons with Mother's mag and wheel polish.   Metal woods with a painted finish get  Kit carnauba periodically. Most of the time, I...
I might fuss at myself a little about my stupid mistakes, or about course conditions or slow play IF there is no rational reason. But even then, I don't complain much because I am privileged to be able to enjoy golf. I don't really have any "bad" days on the golf course. I never pitch tantrums, lose my temper,  or say "I'm quitting", or do anything that would give my playing partners pause, even if the course and my playing both suck.
I usually try to start casual rounds with 2 sleeves; maybe three sleeves or a dozen for a tournament round.   My usual course is not bad for losing balls; I frequently play 36 holes or more on the same ball. One course I play occasionally is what I call a "2 sleeve course", LOL-at least for me.
I resemble that remark
It is kind of dry unless you are really into golf, but Massacre at Winged Foot is about the 1974 US Open. In 1973 Johnny Miller had shot a 63 in the US Open, and in 1974, according to most sources, the USGA set up the course so that no one would do that again.   There are a few humorous lines in there, though.
Try a Callaway hybrid or two. I have a 20* and a 23*. I like them both.
I have a BOOM-BOOM as well. I don't use it much, but it along with an original 16* Taylor Raylor from the same period are two I will keep forever.
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