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I still prefer cotton even though I live in the humid deep south.  If I wear a higher-tec shirt, I will often wear a cotton undershirt even in hot weather. I do have one Nicklaus I like ok.   My favorite shirt is an old all cotton black and white patterned Ralph Lauren Polo that is 4-5 years old.
I agree with WUTiger on most of his points, but would offer one out of the box tack.  With help of experienced friends, go to the PING website and determine the color code and length you need. Find a set of Eye 2's ZINGs, ZING 2s, or ISI's that match your specs. Looking carefully in the market where you live on eBay or Craigslist, you should be able to do this. It doesn't matter which set as long as they fit your specs.  After you play a few months, take a few lessons, and...
Without the rule against it, the adjustment features on the various clubs would become easier so they could be adjusted during the round.   Balls would go farther and straighter.   Square grooves would come back.   The long putter would continue.   Some would carry 15-20 clubs.   I WOULD STILL BE A BOGEY GOLFER!!!
Weiskopf's prime was in the same time frame as another Ohio State man. Had it not been, he would probably have had another major or two. Tom did have a few self-inflicted problems, though. I do think that Zach's Open championship raises his status. In many tournaments, he is always right there. I certainly think he as a foot in the door at least, and another win or two pulls the other foot in for certain.
I had good tee shots and fair putting de-enhanced by the total lack of a game between the 150 marker and the green.
I play in the odd scramble, at least one a year. Scrambles are a golf-like game played with golf equipment. They are fun, but not what I call "golf", or "real golf".   What the OP described is closer to golf. As many have said, you can play under these "conditions of competition" and play correctly on your own. You could actually play by the rules and only take advantage of the preferred lies in extreme conditions. While a lot of these things are beneficial to the...
Even if the chances were even, which they aren't , or at least more than I can "cipher" as Jethro said, the probability of a slam is much lower. In statistics, the chance of a multiple occurence is the product of the individual probabilities. The chance of a coin toss is 50/50. The chance of heads 4 times in a row is .5x.5x.5x.5. The chance each time is still 50/50, but the chance of all four is the product of the probablities.   Just making up numbers, say that a top...
I can't give an opinion on that particular model, but there are folks into collecting especially if in original packaging. Give a look on Ebay for completed deals.
And to clarify, I wasn't sitting around chatting with the King, it was a bit on the Golf Channel :). Video of Mr. Palmer speaking though, not repeated by someone else.
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