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ha ha, the last time I spent over $100 to buy a club was a Taylormade Firesole, so that must have been 2000? Since then I have bought a ton of equipment for not a ton of money, mostly from thrifts, pawnshops, and other golfers.
Now if you are walking and using a minimalist bag with limited pockets, I could see a compact container for tees to keep in the bag somewhere. I would not want to spend more that $4. I usually use a ziplock sandwich bag for this purpose, though.
I can't tell if you are really serious, but the idea doesn't seem to generate much traction. Personally I keep things as simple as possible. In my right front pocket are 2 new tees and one broken, a coin, and a ball mark repair tool. Occasionally the ball. That's it. I replace the tees as necessary from my bag or preferably from discarded ones on the tee box.
Callaway is releasing a Chrome Soft any day now as well.
I have been playing for over 40 years, and I have only played about 35 courses that I can remember!  I need to get out more!
 I have no problem with that; that is not the situation I was talking about. A lot of teenagers who drink, don't do it in that environment. Also, a lot of states are cracking down on adults giving access to alcohol to persons who are not their children. I.E., if you and a buddy drink a beer with your dad, your dad could be prosecuted for letting your buddy have a beer. Not saying a I agree with that if your buddy's parental was ok with it, but it is the law in some...
One is as inaccurate as the other, but I voted sandbagging as the worse because someone who does that is in my opinion trying to get more strokes than they deserve. Vanity capping is stupid because they only hurt themselves and potential partners.
Elvis was great if you like Elvis, which I did. There was no Ticketmaster, you had to go to the venue and stand in line when the tickets went on sale, around 3 months before the concert. A buddy and I went and got in line about 3 AM. About 4 AM, the line started moving for some reason, and people who were asleep got passed. The tickets went on sale about 9 AM. We got ours about 1:30PM. We each bought the limit of 8 tickets--for $13 each. I let a lady I worked with have 4,...
 I have been able to see a few in my lifetime. I will definitely date myself, but here goes.   Chicago in 1976 and 1992. At the 1992 one, there were people older and 20 years younger than me, and all had a great time. Elvis Presley in 1976 Tom Jones in about 1984 The BeeGees 1979 Heart in about 79 Billy Joel a couple of times Boz Scaggs Elton John Linda Ronstadt Jerry Lee Lewis The Oak Ridge Boys The Statler Brothers with Barbara Mandrell     A couple that...
If I say it, that is probably what it means, LOL. Said seriously and sincerely, I think it means simply, the parts of the game separate from the physical, and complicated, the many facets of the mental game.  Bobby Jones said the most difficult course is the 6 inch one between your ears. One part of the mental game is course strategy; applying the shots you are capable of to get around the course. This involves evaluation, discipline. Examples are playing shots that you...
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