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Depending on how the night goes, I may wake early and run out to the par-3. If I get there by 8 o'clock, I should be able to make it back in time.
Ironic. I'm going to waste my afternoon at a wedding.  Ah, that's cynical. These people are friends, but why not have these things in the dead of winter, when nothing else is happening.
If you are poking that 7 wood 160 yards and keeping it fairly straight, you'll probably do ok on most par-3 courses.  Work a bit with the wedges as well. For us beginners, most holes involve pitch and chip shots.
Wow. That's an impressive drop. I went from 265 to 200 by dropping soda. Unfortunately I up to 225 now largely due to beer. To the point, he's absolutely right about losing weight in the extremities first. The belly seemed like the last thing to shrink.
This happened to me on #18 Saturday. The fart-knockers knew I was there. No. 18 is relatively short par-4 with a big elevated tee. In other words, I can possibly drive the green. They saunter off the green. One of them screws around with his bag.  Then they sit in the cart 10 yards from the green to add up their scorecard. I'm standing on top of the hill with my driver across my shoulder. One of em looks back and up the hill ... and ... nothing. Five minutes go by and they...
Just my opinion, but I don't think the clubs are necessarily a massive thing early on. As long as they are solid clubs and not ridiculously miss-fitted to you, I'd say focus on your swing. Obviously there won't be anyone at a thrift shop to fit you anyway and there is always time to tweak equipment later.   My clubs were purchased off Craigslist. Someone had a set of Dunlops for $80 as he just got an upgrade as a Father's Day gift. I've added a driver and some wedges to...
Me to on adding up the scorecard. I'm so mental that I'll take whatever the number is too seriously. Better to let that ride till I hole out 18. Can't stand it when my buddy insists on telling me where we stand on hole 17. I've had to talk to him about it a couple of times now.
The local weather goon, Rich The Weather Snitch, said something about 70 degrees on Sunday. Not time for the woolies yet.
I'm guessing I'm a lot closer to my beginning years that you fellas are.    My point here was that for me, failure to actually sink 18 balls into 18 holes is a massive disappointment. Putting a number on a score card that doesn't match the actual number of strokes, is inconceivable to me. When I've picked up a ball (and it has happened too many times), it's like a forfeit. These are times when I seriously considered quitting the game. Some may say that I overemphasize...
Weather permitting. I'm playing Sunday for sure. If I play Saturday, it'll be a very early round either at Miami Shores or the Falcon. Gotta be off to a wedding by 1 p.m.
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