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One of our few is right down the street from the office. The lot is a freaking jam every night when I'm trying to go home.  Wonder what all this will do to my precious elbow room at courses I play.
Weird. I'll sometimes stop at the golf course for no purpose other than using the ball washer.
Yeah Meadowbrook. I think I got the high school mixed up there.
@CarlSpackler, did you ever play Piqua CC? Also, I heard that Meadowdale CC was gifted to Clayton and the city will run it. Not too surprised with that after they opened it up for public tee times this year. At least the course should stay open long enough for me to play it.   Sorry about the lack of movement on GCC. Fairborn is really struggling these days. Hard to see anyone breaking even there.
 It may not get the publicity of Texas, Florida or California, but Ohio, and NE Ohio in particular, is very serious about football. I've seen scads of guys that were tremendous players at the high school level and just didn't fit the Division I model. Mount Union is where a lot of their players go.  A handful of guys have gone on to the NFL from Mount. Pierre Garcon is probably the best known.
I try to avoid courses with ponds near the greens. Besides, I don't like to pay money for my temper tantrums.
I wonder if you polled the wealthier golf-playing population of Miami County (where this particular course is located), if they'd prefer to keep Troy CC or Piqua CC.   Well, either way this ought to help my hometown guys.
Right, I've seen that one from the highway. A Donald Ross course if I'm not mistaken. Looking at the pictures, it would be a roaring shame if it's allowed to go forever.
Not far away from my old stomping grounds in Massillon Lots of good Ohio guys go to Mt. Union, but it's interesting how many guys they pull in from far off. You'll see guys from Florida and Texas on that roster. The QB is from Cleveland St. Ed's (this year's Div I champ) and has thrown for over 4,000 yards.
The putter isn't a problem. I just threw it in the nearest sand trap.
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