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Bringing your own is a big no-no on most of the courses I play here in Ohio. I can only think of one local "goat track" that actively condones it. Most will have scary-looking signs forbidding it. Of course, plenty of people skirt that. Screwdriver in a Gatorade bottle is popular. Some use easily-concealed flasks to good effect. On the courses I play, the rangers usually can't be bothered anyway. Probably about half of our courses have cart girls. Usually the fancier the...
We might be taking this article just a little too personally.   In a job like that you'll have 5% who produce 100% of the kind of stories related here. In my time, I remember one random pairing where I thought the guy got a bit over zealous. Then again, maybe they knew each other personally . Most of my lot are at least respectful of everyone if not flat-out gentlemen.   One thing the article does mention the relative seclusion that a golf course generally provides....
Interesting. This particular course is on the older side. Miami Shores Golf Course, Troy, OH. Opened in 1949 and said to be one of the last courses that Donald Ross worked on.
One course I play has no range and likes to rush you onto the course as soon as they have your money. Then they start you off with a par-5.   Maybe it's mental as much as anything, but that first drive rarely ever goes well. It's as if it takes me a few holes to remember how to swing the golf club properly. That's something even a few balls on the range usually deals with.
Man ... you should have seen yourself. It was awesome.
My buddies always rode the cart when the started me on golf. After I got going on my own, I walked a few before going with the push cart. Initially the reason was that my bag isn't a stand bag. It was annoying to be constantly laying it on the ground and then picking it back up. Now, I hardly ever play a round without a push cart unless I'm with my non-walking friends in the motor cart. 
If the cart girl is more than 15 years younger than I am, it's not even a thought in my head.
That's sort of what I figured. I guess that only casual or practice rounds get played out there anyway, so having a massive hole on the other side of green isn't that big a deal. If you hit into it or behind it, just take a free one next to it. Supposing that foot golfers don't jam up the works, aesthetics are the only real rub. Hopefully it makes them a few extra bucks.
I just found out that my club is going to turn the executive course (Kittyhawk's Falcon) into foot golf. Maybe all that really means is a gargantuan hole on the other side of the green, but I'm not real excited about it.   Too often, the short course is all I got time for.
You mean you play with your hands. ... That's like a baby's toy.   A big thumbs up to whoever gets this quote first.
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