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I must be getting some stuff done or something because it looks like a two-round weekend.   Sunday, I'm planning on home-sweet-home Kittyhawk. Might even try Eagle since it has been awhile.   Not sure about Saturday. I know @Jeremie Boop has made some road trips down here. If you have to scratch to play, I might be willing to drive up if you have somewhere you want to play. 
New club huh. Is that the SLDR you guys were talking about?
Yeah, I've heard that. I've even tried to convince myself of that. I've never agreed. Actually, I usually get more angry after thinking this very thought.
Any of you guys up this weekend? Sound like my folks are all otherwise occupied.
I always wait until I finish to total stuff up. It's really funny how often I'm way off on what I think I've done. Last week, I swore I had to be 110. After adding it up it was 100 even.
Thanks mvmac.
I'd be interested to know what the difference in pay rate was between the PGA guys and the average Dick's employee.  
Dick's golf commercials always have seemed kind of generic to me. Particularly on televised golf ads, they should have beat up the point about having pros fit your clubs. Instead it was just "every season starts at Dicks" or something like that.
@CarlSpackler    Well ... there is a Golf Galaxy across the street from the Dayton Mall.   I was almost sure there was a golf store of some kind at The Greene, but on closer inspection I was wrong about that. I try to avoid that area, so maybe my information was dated. 
Not that I can afford to shop in any of these places, but we just had a Golfsmith open right across the street from the Dick's. I'm blanking on the name of it, but another golf-only store opened about 15 minutes south as well.    Maybe Dick's is simply conceding that part of the market to those guys.
New Posts  All Forums: