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 Thanks.Of course a lot can change in a couple of weeks, but getting things right between the ears is a good start.
Two main things. I don't use a glove, so I got a pretty gnarly callus that runs along the side of my left index finger. When I walk, which is roughly 75% of the time, I get a sort of itchy, flaking condition on a small portion of the outside of my right foot. It generally goes away after two days of not playing.
A third course coughs up a score in the 80s.
Kind of pissed that the dude I was supposed to play golf with yesterday bailed on me at the last minute. Too late to join you fellows in New Carlisle. Instead I took a quick spin around Homestead, ran into an old friend and shot an 89. Wonder where that golf was a month ago.
After the total debacle that was my club championship (102-105), I didn't score a round for a couple of weeks. These past three, I scored whilst promising myself to stop if I got really annoyed. The results: 94 and 93 on two tougher courses and an 89 yesterday on a CR 68.4. Where the heck was that golf a month ago? It seems to me that the constant worrying about the score really got me off kilter. I needed to take a step back. Golf has been fun again.
 All right. I'll bite. What's the matter?Personally, I've just re-entered the "I hate work" part of the year. Wanna trade?
I knew I should have used the toilet before teeing off.
Can't. My old buddy would be very sad if I didn't play golf with him on Sunday at Rocky Bunkers G.C. (Or is that Tall Cotton G.C.). Ah, heck with it. You know where I'm talking about.
Odd that I have a buddy that was pre-emptively grousing about just this subject after our round yesterday. I said to my man "Two words - Charity and Scramble. Expect nothing less." Just don't take the thing seriously. This is the time to breakout that illegal driver and exploding golf balls. Sleep and eat well the day before, clear the schedule the next day and drink a keg or two of beer. Consider it a major success if balls find there way in each of the 18 holes. Make...
It usually only happens when the score is much better than I think. Never the other way. I usually wait until the end of the round to add up the whole thing so that I don't spend too much time thinking about the actual score. Being a pessimist, I sometimes figure I'm doing worse than I actually end up doing when I scratch in the final number.
New Posts  All Forums: