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It had been a few weeks since the last time I was out there. I guess I noticed some odd yellow spots on them. Usually they aren't that bad. I'm guessing something got to em. Ended up playing Hawk on Sunday and shot a 91, which is pretty good for me.
Shoot. Wish I knew that earlier than this. Would have planned for it. I suppose it's probably too late now, but when do you tee off?
If I have a pattern (or maybe more like a tendency), it's to piss down my leg on the middle holes. Say 7-13. After 13 or so, I resign myself to whatever it is I'm going to shoot and get back to just swinging the club through the ball.
I work in Beavercreek and my mom lives in Beavercreek. Kittyhawk is actually my home course, but I like Community better. The big Xmas/birthday gift from the family is a rates card for Dayton, so I play most of my golf on their courses. I have played all those courses at least a couple of times. Miami Shores is the most frequent. Along with the obvious advantage, it's also short, wide open and has very little trouble for a hack like me to get into.
Saturday, Community GC, Hills Course, Dayton, OH (whites, 67.9, 122) 48-53-101   I actually hit the ball halfway decent, but couldn't even come close with the putter. As advertised the greens were faster than anything I've ever seen on a City of Dayton golf course. It was flat stupid how many times my putts finished further away from the hole than they started.   Friday, Kittyhawk FC, Eagle Course, Dayton OH (whites, 71.9, 125) 49-50-99   Always pleased to hit...
Pick a Saturday or Sunday. Choose your course and I'll get my butt up there.
Good you have an excuse anyway. Let's just say that 40% of all my strokes today were putts.  I still say we should find a time to play a round up there. Is Hidden Creek a decent course?
When they got that stretch passing game going, NYR is tough. Going to make a real effort to clear the docket and watch the game tomorrow.
Where did you play? I piled up a big fat 1-oh-1 on the Hills Course at Community. @saevel25 wasn't kidding about the speed of the greens. I thought Dales, which I play more often, was faster that usual. Hills made a mess of my putting today. 
Pipestone ate my lunch the previous trips out there. Even so, I wish I could.  As far as tips go, you probably ought to give me tips. When I finally get enough rounds posted for my handicap, I'm anticipating a number north of 20. 
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