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I was sort of curious about golf for awhile, but I never played until I was 35-years-old (about two years ago). A friend of mine agreed to take me out. He had about a two year head start on me after his boss told him he had to play. I beat him for the first time ever a month ago on a par-3 course. He still kills me on regulation courses with his 300-yard drives
I'd call my driver the sprayer. Kind of like those lawn sprinklers that pivot around.
Sorry Jeremie. No offense intended. The putting thing started getting on my nerves the more I thought about it. After doing better Sunday, I'm left scratching my big balding head.
Was debating even admitting to my weekend activities.   Saturday, Kittyhawk GC (Eagle course) 55-49- 1-freakin-04   Did not hit two decent shots in a row at any point. Putted so badly that my playing partner suggested I buy a new putter.   Sunday, Miami Shores GC. No score recorded.   Went out by myself. After losing two balls in as many holes in a field of little white flowering weeds, I chucked the score card. It seemed like a pointless waste of time and...
The weather looks poor. If I'm getting anything in at all today, It'll be at Miami Shores.
They usually aren't that tough about that kind of thing. I'll see you there.
Just let me know where and when. I'll get there. Gonna be off line for a few hours.  
Oh, I see. Sorry.    Like I said, I can travel on Saturday. I just want to stay close to home on Sunday. I can meet you wherever.
@Jeremie Boop. Go ahead and book it. Riding would cost me $19 so it's fine.   @CarlSpackler, if Sunday is at all decent, I'll probably go out in the afternoon. Like I said a two-round weekend for me weather permitting. (not sure if you meant the weekend was gone for you or just Saturday).   PS - really ought to get some rain gear. 
I can walk it for $7, but if you want to ride, book it.   At least this morning the weather goons at Ch. 7 were saying there ought to be a bit of a break mid-day.    Let me know.
New Posts  All Forums: