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I think the word for it is hacker. You just never really know what's going to get hit next.
Montreal's definitely not making it look easy. It is gratifying to see guys like Weise and Flynn score.
Friday, Miami Shores GC, Troy OH, White tees, CR 66.8 49-46-95   Had absolutely horrible holes on 1, 2 and 13, but picked myself off the floor to avoid triple digits. I managed three pars in a row after the quad on 13, so it was nice to manage a bit of mental resilience for a change.
The full refund was pretty lucky for you. If you were asking me for a refund, it would be a nine-hole refund only.   On the other hand, it would seem like $640 ought to get you something. Tee times probably ought to be a solid 10 minutes or more apart, instead of the queue on the first hole that usually greets me on my munis. To me, that's crazy money that I couldn't dream of dropping on a round of golf. The range thing probably would have annoyed me as well.   Chalk...
The idea of making the US income tax filing deadline National Golf Day sounds like a sick joke to me. I'd make it April 18, cause that's the next time I'll get a chance.
No love for the B-ruins, but I'd rather have had them than the bloody Sens. It just seems like goofy things happen with Ottawa. Still believing the Habs pull it out.   Could you imagine an old time NYR-NYI matchup. That would be a fitting way to see Nassau Coliseum out.
The one significant problem with baseball for schleps like me is that after a certain point you have to be good to continue. I enjoyed baseball as a kid. Think fat first baseman who could hit. That wasn't going to be good enough to make the high school team, so that's where it ended.
The way I answered was how fast can you play not how fast do you play. My 2-hour round was under very special circumstances. Namely squeezing in an early morning round before football. Most of the time, I cool my heals behind the throng in front of me. Four hours is hoped for and not expected.
If I could hit the ball a bit further, I might be up there with @Jeremie Boop. Fortunately my balls are never in the air long enough to go that far.
The long lost JB. Good to hear from you again. While I'm not chomping at the bit to play Beavercreek, we should hit something after a certain deadline that comes up next week.
New Posts  All Forums: