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To each their own I guess.
I was going to go with Papa Bear's Pizza Oven. Have not found the like anywhere else.
I'm going to shoot my bruv a line and see if he'll consider playing. I'm not super optimistic on him given the heat that will be out there. He doesn't play as much as I do, but he plays fast and won't slow us down much.
Thursday,  Community GC (Dales Course), front nine 48   Client no-show led to a surprise afternoon off and I managed to get in nine before the leagues took over.   Just nothing with any quality. No. 7, an uphill par-5, killed me again. An embarrassing four-putt cost me on No. 4. The only bright side I can think of is that this score would have seemed pretty good six months ago. Not so much now. 
As I've let this idea marinate a bit, it's starting to sound better. Don't think about it as a nation-wide thing at this point. Think more local.   An individual course could have all players take a brief etiquette test of maybe 10 to 15 questions. If they market it correctly, it can differentiate that course from the other public courses in the area. You don't just advertise the course and the rates, you advertise your own patrons. Send would-be golfers the message that...
Golf can be pretty unforgiving to professionals who cheat. Obviously, this one is going to have some real making up to do. Hopefully she comes correct and when she does, she gets another chance. If this becomes a pattern with her, that will be different.   Let's all remember, most of us have probably fractured a rule or two in our time. Our misdeeds just don't have dollar signs attached to it.
Definitely no triples here please. I don't enjoy triples, but they aren't rare enough to be a blow-up hole in the truest sense.
Ain't that the truth. I still get happy with myself when I get to repair a big fat ballmark. Especially if its near the pin.
That makes sense. You'd think that would be the case. I'm just saying that riders, at least in my experience, tend not to actually play any faster than walkers. I can't remember the last time I saw walkers holding people up. The goof balls in the motor carts are another story. 
Big second on the fluids. Make sure you have a big bottle of water. Avoid alcohol or too much coffee before the round. Also, like @billchao said, having a second towel could be really handy when it's hot out.   Also, in my experience, cart riders are rarely any faster than walkers. I wouldn't worry about that a whole lot.
New Posts  All Forums: