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My bruv saw the show for the first time a day or two ago. He concluded the Anthony guy is a scham.   Reality shows, by now, ought to be taken with a a grain of salt. Do you guys think this is straight up?
Wednesday, Community GC (Dales Course), Dayton, OH 44-49-95   Work was dead, so I went out before the cold really sets in this weekend.   Maybe taking a break wouldn't be that bad an idea, cause I'm slumping. Since I'm not that good to start with, it's a bit difficult to tell, but the last four rounds have been worse that what I was doing just a month or two ago. It's nothing in particular. It seems that concentration lapses are coming at the worst moments. I hit...
We had a brilliant weekend down here, but are going to pay for it now. Supposed to be seeing lows in the 20's this coming Saturday.
Ya know. It's the hate that keeps college football fans warm. My team's drawing dead at this point, but we'll see how the 12 experts look at it.
I guess all the bad publicity around the game is starting to get too much. Tommy T says the next UC Bearcat  out of line is getting the gate for the rest of the season.
I bought a couple of these magazines off the rack when I first started golf. Some bits were helpful, some weren't. Haven't bought one in a while.
Sunday, Miami Shores GC, Troy OH 54-43-97   I normally figure 90 is a reasonable target on this course. If not for a massive blowup hole, that's about what I would have had. No. 7 is a 160-yard par 3 at the back of the property. A forest runs down the left side and I jacked three straight tee shots into it. Desperate, I pulled a 3-hybrid and took a half swing that still darn near went OB. By the time the smoke cleared, it was an 11. After choking back the...
Depending on how the night goes, I may wake early and run out to the par-3. If I get there by 8 o'clock, I should be able to make it back in time.
Ironic. I'm going to waste my afternoon at a wedding.  Ah, that's cynical. These people are friends, but why not have these things in the dead of winter, when nothing else is happening.
If you are poking that 7 wood 160 yards and keeping it fairly straight, you'll probably do ok on most par-3 courses.  Work a bit with the wedges as well. For us beginners, most holes involve pitch and chip shots.
New Posts  All Forums: