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Saturday, Moss Creek Golf Course, Clayton, OH 52-52-104   Bizarre round. I hit my driver better than I may have ever. Nothing super long, but either in the fairway or just barely off it. Kept the same ball all round long. Irons were poor and putting was a catastrophe. The funny thing was that the greens were so poor that I more or less mentally checked out on them. Usually a three-putt gets me mad. With the green-brown lunar landscape that passed for greens, I'd just...
It was a pretty weird round for sure.    Yeah, I hit my tee shots as well as I ever have. Nothing super long, but either in the fairway or just barely off. Probably not quite 13 fairways, but it's a rare round that sees me play the same ball for 18 holes. As far as capitalizing, not so much. Finished 52-52-104.   Like JB said, the greens were a total mess. I really think I mentally checked out of the greens. I basically gave up. Normally I'll get mad when I three-putt,...
If I can manage to show up at the right place in a timely fashion, I warm up with a small bucket on the range and then some chipping and putting. I figure 30 minutes total is about right. More than that and I can get carried away with swing-thought stuff. Less and I can't hit a ball or make a putt for the first five holes.   I have one buddy that will eschew the whole warm up thing and this has been a rather unfortunate thing for me when I ride to the course with him.
Mostly, Golfnow and Ohio Golf Guide. There are a number that have been posted in the last couple of months. In fairness, there are a couple of positive ones as well.
That seems like the last line of a lot of reviews I've seen. Again, let's try to be optimistic.
Alright JB. We're on for 3 p.m.   Hope the coupon thing works out. I've seen a few online complaints about this course's honoring those things and the guy on the line seemed suspicious. FYI, my rate for riding is $25.    Hopefully the Bucks put a hurting on Navy quick, fast and in a hurry, so I can hit some range balls before we get under way.
Just the two of us, right JB?   Mentioned it to my bruv and he didn't exactly jump at the chance.
I don't know. Isn't the WD kind of like falling on your sword? She's dead for the tournament either way. Did the technicality of the WD somehow prevent her from potential further consequences?   If I missed the answer to my question in the earlier posts, my apologies.
To each their own I guess.
I was going to go with Papa Bear's Pizza Oven. Have not found the like anywhere else.
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