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I grew up in Beavercreek, work in Beavercreek and Kittyhawk is my home course (more or less on the way home). Small world. Hang in there. Good weather can come out of nowhere.
There is only a very tiny bit left in the Dayton area. Generally places that get no sun. I actually went down to Cincinnati on Saturday and played snow-free. Really hope I didn't just jinx the whole thing saying that.
I don't think you necessarily need a college degree to make a decent living, but you do need marketable skills. At least around here, skilled tradesman are at a premium. If the young man is better suited to those kind of pursuits, the right community college or technical school is probably the way to go. The question is how can you fit competitive golf into that picture. 
Now that I'm trying to golf, the weather forecasts have taken on much greater significance than at any point in my previous existence. One funny thing is that the online (weather.com) forecast seems to always be 3-5 degrees more optimistic that the local tv types say.    It's either supposed to be 42 (TV) or 45 (web). Cloudy, but no rain either way. Definitely playing.
I know that place. Isn't there an adult book store around the corner?
For me and my budget, there is absolutely no way to play as much golf as I do other than my City of Dayton rates card. No change in the foreseeable future.   When I get rich (only a matter of time, wink wink), that may change.
There were a few gusts as I was finishing up. It wasn't too bad.
Saturday, Avon Fields Golf Course, Cincinnati, OH 45-54-99   With snow still on the floor in Dayton, I headed an hour south and found Avon Fields in a gritty-looking part of Cincinnati. Obviously, everything fell apart on the second nine (the front since they started me off the back). Really, it was so good to be out that I didn't care. After getting back to the car, it dawned on me that I hadn't bothered to eat a thing all day. That might not have helped.
I hopped in the car on Saturday, drove an hour down I-75 and left the snow behind. After a bit of work, I found myself at Avon Fields in Cincinnati and got in 18 holes. There may have been a quarter inch of turf that wasn't frozen and I didn't play worth a crap, but I wasn't going to complain. It was great to get out for the first time in weeks.
That explains why courses sometimes get the hump every time you show up with one of those Hot Deals. I never had a big problem with that, but I've heard stories. Hot Deals is usually the only reason I use GolfNow. We vacation in OBX and I've had good luck getting those 2 p.m. tee times for cheap.
New Posts  All Forums: