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You gotta know that the defending champs will get the benefit of the doubt. Still, any loss now would be a "bad" loss.   Do you guys think the Boston College game will be worth watching? Schedule is looking a bit thin this weekend.
You didn't mention the great state of Ohio, but I'll tell you anyway.   My home course, Kittyhawk GC in Dayton, is a muni and its open anytime the weather allows for it. Some years, I've been able to play multiple rounds in January. Definitely nothing fancy, but it would run you $20-30 depending on whether you take a cart. The city also runs courses known as Madden and Community and they are open year-round as well.
I'm with you. Even if I had the eleventy-billion bucks at my disposal, I would not join a club like that for the same reason. On the rare occasion when I play a fancy course, I just look them up online. Most of them will have a list of rules to follow and I've never had a problem.
I sort of like throwbacks, but the Steeler and Packer ones are two of the worst choices possible.   The thing is that good football shirts almost never change. My ole Bengals are an exception. I like the rare occasion when they go retro. Back before the faux Bengal strips, they had simple, clean, classic unis.   Occasionally, hockey screws it up. Remember the Habs sweaters with the thin red, white and blue horizontal lines. Looked like a bleeding rainbow. I also...
Wow. Those courses look awesome on the web.   Hit the clubs your comfortable with. Don't drink too much the night before. Enjoy yourself.
We'll see 40s on Saturday and 50s on Sunday, but it's below freezing until then and raining on Sunday. Once the ice potatoes disappear, it'll be slop underneath.
Gonna have to tell the City of Troy that the geese really own the 15th at Miami Shores. I should just pay my greens fees to them.
I once played in about 35 degrees, cloudy and windy. It's called learning the hard way. That was when I instituted the 40 degree rule.
When you have geese all over the place, take care not to walk between them. One day, a flock of the friggin birds was crossing the fairway (yes I actually hit a ball into the fairway, thank you). There was a straggler and I figured I'd just walk right on through. The nearest goose charged up to me and hissed.   I thumped my 3W on the ground a couple of times and stared at it as I walked away. That bird will never know how close it came to a broken neck. 
Other than our non-golfer thread (which was a little tongue-in-cheek), there really aren't any non-golfers on this board. Most people don't golf because it never occurred to them. The best question is what keeps people who are interested in golf from starting or continuing.    I still contend that it is an intimidation factor for a lot of these people. There was a fellow at the pub the other day and he mentioned that he had been wanting to give it a go. He hasn't yet,...
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