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That would be pretty frustrating.    As much as I like to complain about the cable bill, we're spoiled rotten here in the US. I can see virtually anything that I want to see.   Along with the standard assortment of American sports, we have the European PGA and Premier League football on weekend mornings. There's nothing better than frying up some sausage and bacon for breakfast, flipping on what's good and relaxing for an extra couple of hours before getting after it...
Not sure I've seen a copy of GQ in 10 years time. That's some cutting edge journalism right there.
If I just do the Saturday should I just figure Eagle Creek's posted rack rate? Going up on a Friday at that time of year is probably a stretch from a work stand point and popping for a hotel sounds prohibitive.
 Yeah. I joined primarily to get the handicap rolling.
 What I saw was a line in the tournament flier that you can download off the website that said you needed to have dues paid up by June 15. On the other hand, I've never known them to turn down money.As far as the Golf Digest goes ... It's safe to say that I need some new bathroom-reading material all ready.
Norwalk is just close enough that it's a maybe and easier if I could sucker someone from down here into driving me. It will probably depend on total cost.
 You had to be a KHMA member by June 15. All that really means is coughing up $40 at the Kittyhawk desk. You get the ghin service and a subscription to Golf Digest. They have a variety of different events over the year. Many of those are team-type events, so I haven't been involved in those.Your courses up there really don't have these kind of things? Dayton hosts a number of city-wide tournaments. Also, Miami Shores has a club championship and Troy hosts a City...
From what I understand, it's simple net. Eagle and nine on Falcon on Saturday. Hawk and nine on Falcon on Sunday. I saw something that said signups are thru tomorrow. Either way, I hope you get your ailments sorted. 
 I reckon it's a lot of course knowledge stuff.Luckily, I don't think the opposition has ever played this particular course either.
 Thanks @CarlSpackler for the heads up.Unfortunately, I have no techno toys. Maybe a little work on the old google earth may at least give me a clue or two. I'll look for the specific holes you mentioned and write myself a note or twoAlso, are you playing in the KHMA tourney this weekend?
New Posts  All Forums: