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Congratulations.  Be careful on those things though. Some of us four-wheelers have trouble seeing you guys out there. Saw a nasty accident here in Beavercreek a year or two ago, when somebody turned right in front of a motorcycle.  
It's sort of a balancing act between your own expectations for your game and the realities of the time and resources you can devote to golf. Sometimes I'll come off the course and think I should have done so much better. After calming down a bit and thinking about it, you remember what you actually were doing a year or two ago. It's easy to lose perspective in the context of the past two to three weeks.   Practice isn't work for me. I like it. It's just tough to fit in....
Five-somes at Yankee Trace? I thought that sort of foolishness was exclusively for us lowly Dayton-muni types. The last time I played that course the fairways were so soft that half my drives plugged. It doesn't handle a ton of water super well. Hope the refunded the fee.
Too late for that. I go with "Before I die".
By the time we finally went off the Hawk, it wasn't bad. The main problem was the wasted time between the nines. Originally, they suggest we play Eagle and there was a mess on the first tee there. So that was more time down the crapper. As to the question posted by @Jeremie Boop, I don't handle waiting at all well. If I'm both playing poorly and waiting on slow players, I'll act like the biggest baby you've ever seen.
Sunday, Kittyhawk, Falcon Course (front nine), Dayton, OH  - 38 Kittyhawk, Hawk Course (front nine),   -  48   The golf itself was a fairly uninspired exercise made more difficult with the sky-high rough that's grown up with all the rain lately. I probably lost at least four strokes on the Hawk trying to knock balls out that cabbage. At least I putted a bit better than in my previous few rounds.   One of our guys is a bit green so our intention was to play the...
Sorry bud. Was incommunicado after 6 p.m. on Saturday. Played a silly round Sunday split between the par-3 Falcon and the Hawk because an AWOL starter allowed a five-some of hackers to jump us on the 10th tee. My buddy stormed off the 9th and raised hell in the pro shop from what I heard, so we finally finished on the front of Hawk. All told a six-hour golfing odyssey that seriously truncated the rest of my day.. 
Unless I do something really special tomorrow, I'll be over 20.
Courses (at least Kittyhawk and Community) were open down here today. It's supposed to be pretty good Sunday from what I've heard.
Wow. I've been really out of touch for that last bit. Lucic is gone from Boston. Nice. Had enough of that guy.
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