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Hobby income/loss rules aren't really friendly. You report the income as other income not subject to self-employment tax. You deduct your expenses as miscellaneous itemized deductions, but only up to the amount you reported as income. If you don't itemize, tough luck.   As far as 1099s go, you file them when you pay someone $600 or more. This is typically for rent or services, but prizes like that would work as well. You file 1099s for two main reasons, 1) To protect...
Kentucky got creamed last night, but up here barely a dusting. Driving in I saw honest-to-god grass. Two cold days and then we are promised a thaw. At the risk of the jinx, I'm feeling slightly less depressed.
To  each their own. Personally, I measure my tee shots by how far away they are from the nearest water hazard.
The advanced, advanced forecast. Nice. If it holds up, hopefully the piss has had a chance to melt and drain away by that Saturday or Sunday. I'll get one off, but not both.
@ay33660, if things work out the way they should, the sun should burn every bit of green grass right off your fairways this summer.
Ah. 3 to 5 more inches on Sunday gave us 6-8 on the floor in the good ole Miami Valley . The temps are supposed to spike up to mid-40s tomorrow. It will rain like a bitch and then freeze back over.    Going to dig out the old Bauers and skate to work on Thursday.
All the worst shots I can think of are my own. I'm that kind of self-absorbed.   The one that sticks with me was from my first year. On the 17th tee at Pipestone GC (Miamisburg, OH), I knocked the tee out from under my ball with the 1W. The thing went a mile in the air and about 50 feet to the right. It missed a van driving down the road by about 5 feet. The ball bounced nearly straight up in the air and hit the road three times before settling in the ditch on the far...
Too late for early spring. I'll go with an on-time spring.
I'm on such a budget that I still use a mix of used clubs that are principally Dunlop DMTs. I'm guessing them to be at least 10 years old. My driver is an R5 and I have a Wilson Prostaff 3W that I've borrowed long-term from a friend.
Whether you get good or bad,  it's a healthy thing to play with randoms. I'm a massive introvert, so this is actually a good way for me to work on that. When the guy happens to be an even bigger ass than I am, it's a chance to develop my coping skills. Not pleasant necessarily, but you chalk it up to experience.   I'd say 95% of the folks are at least tolerable in my experience.
New Posts  All Forums: