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There's a lot of time for things to change, but that looks like it will be the smart thing to do. Regardless of the scandals, his draft stock probably can't get any better.
Saturday,  Community Golf Club, Dales Course, Dayton, OH 45-44-89 Really slapped the ball all over the park today, but a couple of really nice shots resulted in birdies and kept me under 90. It's nice to finally have a Shot of The Week to post.    Sunday, Kittyhawk Golf Center, Hawk Course, Dayton, OH 51-52-103 My ball-striking might have actually been a bit better than Saturday, but more hazards, more traps and more trees made results very relative. The biggest...
For reasons that I can't explain, I like to throw my ball in to the tee box area as soon as I get there. Then I fish out the score card to mark the previous hole. It's like having the ball on my person when I mark the card is bad luck or something. 
Most of your points are good ones, but this one struck me funny. In my earlier days as a golfer, putting down an eight would have in no way reflected reality on some holes. I understand that you are referring to maximum scores for handicaps, but this practice would have made the idea of keeping score a farce. Hell, I'm pretty sure I carded a nine or two this year. There have been times when I have picked it up. I see it as a massive failure each time.  If you force people...
Like I said before, I simply can't stomach playing the ladies' tees, but I take course difficulty (partly due to length), under consideration.    Course one is 5000 yards from the whites. I expect to shoot mid-80s here.  Course two is 6000 yards from the whites. I expect 90.  Course three is 6,700 yards from the whites. I expect 100.    Along with the length, you have more trees, more traps, more hazards as you go from 1 to 3. The greens on course two are...
It's the white tees for me and only because I'm too macho to play from the women's tees.   In my outings with TSTers, I still played from the whites even though they were on the tips. They kicked my ass.
Realistically, I doubt that many people on this forum are the big problems. Most of us are about their golf or we wouldn't be on here.    That, of course, doesn't mean we all shouldn't look at our habits and try to improve them. 
Anyone playing anywhere this weekend?
For those of us blessed with plenty of courses to choose from, it's always a good idea to pick based on your skill level. Playing the up tees is obvious as well, but a tight fairway is a tight fairway.   I know I stink, so I'm giving the tougher courses a pass for the time being. Hopefully, I'll get there some day. Luckily, there are plenty of more forgiving tracks around here for me to pick from.
Never been there myself, but I've read that the old resort buildings are basically falling apart. You drive past them on the way to the course. 
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