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To the last, I will grapple with thee... from Hell's heart, I stab at thee! For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!
It's a funny thing. I can go quite awhile deluding myself about my drives. When I actually think about where my ball landed in relation to the green, its a bit of a blow.
3 p.m. is about the time that A Block gets yard time. Of course 10 minutes is entirely too short to play golf.   Seriously though, it isn't just having the time. It's reliably having the time. I might be able to get out of the office on a given afternoon, but to do so each week isn't likely.
Kittyhawk is nothing plush that's for sure. From views of the Cargill plant to octagonal-shaped, government-issue buildings, it's pretty blue collar. For a golfer like you, 8-12 handicap, it probably wouldn't be too tough. For me (shooting 90-100 on average), the Eagle course is a bear due to its length and the hazards (aka the pits of despair). The Hawk and Falcon (a par-3) are a little easier.   I consider the conditions to be ok most of the time, but I'm pretty used...
I think Kittyhawk (for all its other interesting features) drains particularly well. It's actually set up to serve some kind of function for the city water system. There are huge pits that at various points in the year can be full or empty. So the course was relatively dry, but there are a lot of places to lose golf balls.
Got out yesterday. My course, Kittyhawk Eagle course, Dayton, OH, was actually pretty good. Muddy balls, but my pants stayed relatively clean. The greens were pretty messed up though. But boy does a month and a half do some damage. It was like Feb. 2013 all over again with the fats and thins. I'm not admitting to my score.
I can see grass.
Ya know. If I were a Tour player, people would probably think I'm the biggest so-and-so that ever lived.
I've got a candidate in the ex-boyfriend of a buddy's sister. My friend took a bit more of shine to the fella than his sister did apparently. Anyway, we did get him out once last year and he didn't break down in tears even once.   Said friend just upgraded his clubs and the plan was (or maybe still is) to sell them to the guy at a bargain. I'll do my part and get him out a few times.
If I had to pay $45 per round, I'd be out. Just limits to the ole budget. I'm really happy to live where I do on that account.
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