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Kind of along the same line of thinking, is strict adherence to the rules. The guys who started me on golf to begin with always used 1 mulligan per nine as a rule and an extra tee shot on number one if desired. They also used liberal drop rules. I've started to play as close to the rules as I can this year and it's been a struggle to properly evaluate my progress as a result. If someone is really looking to improve as a golfer, I think they've got to do it the hard way.
I don't know about the picking up the ball thing. When the ball doesn't finish in the hole, it feels like a total failure to me. I'm a recent-enough golfer that picking up the ball has happened to me in this year. The fact that it would come earlier in the sequence would not have made me feel better about it.
Sunday, Miami Shores GC, Troy, OH 52-42-94   Two bogeys and two doubles going into five and I pump two straight into Bandit Country. Finally card an 11 on that hole. I was pissed the rest of the round and appreciated absolutely nothing from that point on. That included the fact that I played much better golf. I was marking the number on the card, but didn't even think about what it represented. It was a bit of a surprise to see the 42 on the back when I added it up at...
Every time I've played Pipestone, I taken the ... err ... pipe.   Agreed that it is a fine course and that's a good price. I've seen similar prices on the Golfnow.
Maybe it's just my cynical nature, but I'm almost surprised more of this stuff doesn't happen in some places. Untended kids (and other idiots) can be destructive little bastards and golf courses in the dicey areas of town would look like easy targets.
Some dingus took his daddy's golf clubs and smashed the windows out of a bunch of cars a few years ago. Not sure how the clubs made out. My brother's windshield didn't make it.
Not that I can claim a ton of credit for it, but a new one that my brother and I took out for the first time a few months ago has been out for a handful of additional rounds. She's a co-worker of my bruv's and I hear she's been playing with a number of the other people he works with.   We were very impressed with the number of solid shots she had on that day. It's good to see that she enjoyed it enough to go on with.
It's a real hell of a thing isn't it.   One recent round saw a 15-stroke swing between the front and back. It was in the happier direction, but I just sat in the clubhouse wondering what it in the world changed. Never did figure it out.
Just thinking about Kittyhawk at Christmas time. Golfing in a winter wonderland.
Basically its because I'm still bad enough that I'll occasionally throw score cards in garbage cans. I like the freedom to just let it go after I yack up a 10 spot.
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