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Not sure where most of you guys play but guess a lot of you must be on tour! I play weekly with all sorts of players at my home course and in a couple of society's and only very rarely see anyone shoot under about 85. Perhaps hackers like me (the huge majority) just don't post. After all isn't the average score for men around the hundred mark? I'm sure I read that somewhere. Just for the record I shot 94 today missed a few putts/chips/drives that I shouldn't and still...
110 today on a nice still sunny day on the same course I had an 88 last week! Gotta love golf!
Sounds like good advice. I guess we can all get in a groove hitting 7 irons or 5 irons 20 in a row
Thanks guys. Both make a lot of sense. My killer shot is the dreaded chunk. On the range hitting an inch behind the ball isn't such a biggie (although you know it's happening the ball still flies ok) but on the course it's just another absolute duff shot. Need to find a range where they let you use the grass.
It's easy! Well sort of. What has helped me a huge amount is sixty degree wedge, normal stance, normal club face and picture hitting a cup full of sand out onto the green. Way more consistent now 9 out of 10 outs. Playing the club on its normal lie is the key. Opening the face of a sixty degree wedge is unnecessary and just leads to a lot of miss hit shots. Just my two cents worth. Steve
Hi all I have had some great lessons recently (been hacking around for years), my range time now is very consistent and my ball stricking pretty darn good but...   I cannot, cannot, cannot take it out on to the golf course.   I guess I'm not the only one, any body got any advice?   Steve  
Mizuno JPX 825's Only hit on the range so far. Fantastic. Finally change from my 20+ yr old Ramm FX2 forged. Guess any new club would feel good after those. Soooooooo sweet right down to the 4 iron. Rifle 5.5 shafts otherwise standard.    
Done it! Let my heart rule my head a bit. Got some 2 week old Mizuno jpx 925 pro's with rifle 5.5 shafts. So still money left over for a couple of extra lessons. Probably not the most help I could get but man the difference between these and my old Rams is amazing ( then again all the clubs I tried felt so much easier to hit). It feels great though to know that from now on (I have a Titleist 912 driver) all my poor shots are me! It is so easy to lay some of the blame...
Thanks. From original post just got to accept more forgiveness etc.equates to more fairways and greens hit Must mean more enjoyment. Right?
RIGHT!!! I've decided. I'm having a 'fitting' next week to determine lie, shaft type etc. £30. Then... Secondhand clubs and the left over money on a few lessons. Never used Mizunos but just want them. Looked on several local sites plus ebay. Looks like a really good set of MX 25's, MX 900 for about £140 MX 950's or 1000's for a little more. Now who's going to help me choose as these will be bought unseen and unhit, I'll just know the shaft and lie etc. should suit...
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