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My thumb is long to in in between. too but a lot of great players use short is what I was trying to get at !!i think a short thumb is probably better for control for most guys though !
Pros flush the ball by accelerating to their finish not to impact!
Just put my two bob the swing is not static or full of positions, this is a new way of teaching. I just think it's not good . Good impact occurs because your swing on plane and going through the ball properly with a good release of body and hands . Does anyone ever stop at impact? There's only two positions in golf your address and finish the rest is moving.
yeah man your right , the key is to swing on plane or even under in the case of hogan and that , this means you have to hold wrist angle i suppose as a by product of swinging on plane , not the other way though that's what really in truth creates lag.
Also can I just say no short left thumbs ??? Huh what a crock !!! So ben hogans short left thumb destroyed his lag!!! ????really guys come on!!' actually long left thumb makes you throw the club head more for an armature it encourages a chopping motion! good players long left thumb can create more lag! But you got to know how to hit the ball first! Hit the ball with rotation
Hey I've done a lot of work on this in the past couple years and hit the ball flush now so let me just say ball first ground second is the key to hitting a pure strike right? You can honestly achieve this without holding wrist cock , the swing just doesn't work that way . The main thing is there is no point holding or creating lag or energy without being able to get rid if it through the ball with a square club face . So what I'm going say is a flip can be by rotating or...
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