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Duh. I should read more carefully...
It appeared to me when it happened that a rules official watched the whole thing play out and only after the shot was played approached Noh. Shouldn't the official have given him help in advance of him making the mistake?
Just remember when you bend a wedge you change both the loft and the bounce. I love the Mizuno JPX wedges and wanted a 60 degree with more bounce than they make. I had my local PGA Superstore take a 58-10 and bend it to 60, which increased the bounce to 12. It took them 5 minutes.
Check out the Mizuno MP-54's
Check out the center-shafted version of the Bettinardi BB-54
I was one of the early adopters for Super Stroke putting grips. I had been looking for a larger grip that I liked for a while, and those first SS grips were great. Eventually I migrated to the mid-slim (2.0) grip. All along however there were two things that bothered me about the SS grips - one important and the other less so. The important thing was the feel/texture of the grip. They got slick feeling with use, and never really felt refined. I even started keeping my...
I just made the move from MX-25's to the MP-54's. I think the move from the MX-25's to the JPX825pro is actually going to LESS of a player's club than what you had. For me the question was not to go to the JPX line or even to the MP-H4's (because I think the MX-25's are already less forgiving than either of those sets) but whether I should go to the MP-54's or all the way to the MP-64's. After hitting both it was clear to me that the MP-54's were perfect for me now. Still...
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