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Check out the Mizuno MP-54's
Check out the center-shafted version of the Bettinardi BB-54
I was one of the early adopters for Super Stroke putting grips. I had been looking for a larger grip that I liked for a while, and those first SS grips were great. Eventually I migrated to the mid-slim (2.0) grip. All along however there were two things that bothered me about the SS grips - one important and the other less so. The important thing was the feel/texture of the grip. They got slick feeling with use, and never really felt refined. I even started keeping my...
I just made the move from MX-25's to the MP-54's. I think the move from the MX-25's to the JPX825pro is actually going to LESS of a player's club than what you had. For me the question was not to go to the JPX line or even to the MP-H4's (because I think the MX-25's are already less forgiving than either of those sets) but whether I should go to the MP-54's or all the way to the MP-64's. After hitting both it was clear to me that the MP-54's were perfect for me now. Still...
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