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For what you want, multilayer ball with spin and stopping power on greens, you are pretty much looking at "Tour" balls. I don't know about UK prices, but TM Project (a), Snell My Tour, Wilson FG Tour, and Bridgestone 330 all seem to be available in the $30-$35 range. 
 No, the ProV1x is definitely straighter for some people than the ProV. That's the whole point of the additional mantle layer. Less spin on drives, thus straighter. Higher swing speeds especially might benefit there from the additional layer and higher compression core.
 If you prefer the V1x to the V1, you would probably also prefer the Hex Chrome+ to the Hex Chrome.
Brand of ball, not at all. Type of ball, maybe 2-3 strokes in a round.
The greens were awful, but Spieth was clearly the better putter. Can't blame it all on the greens for a 3-putt.
 Why in the world wouldn't "most likely score" included penalties already incurred?  Once the ball is lost or OB, the player has already incurred the stroke and distance penalty. Even if he walked back to the tee at that point, and made a good tee shot, the best he could say is he might have made a 6, but that is assuming a good tee shot. But once he illegally dropped a ball, he at a minimum already incurred an additional 2 stroke penalty.  So at best he realistically...
What the manual says:        Whether it's in the system or not, your club is required to retain your prior record for a year. The Colorado Golf Association has an active season of 3/15 to 11/14. So for rounds played from 11/14 to 3/15, you shouldn't record them for your handicap (unless played in another region with an active season). But for rounds played from 3/15 until whenever they finally reactivate you in the system, you should be keeping track of those and posting...
Well Destin is where the Purestrike guys are, I think Emerald Bay one of the places they give lessons. So you could get a 5SK lesson while you're in town.
 If it were patented, I wonder if Mizuno would allow Taylormade to use it:   I agree that these companies all copy each other, when they are able to do so within the confines of the law. I still think Gigagolf on occaision goes a little too far in trying to imitate a specific design. Those SLDR knockoffs for example, I might be hesitant to buy.  I think they also happen to have some of the weaker reviews of the clubs Gigagolf makes. I see nothing wrong with that TRX iron,...
I thought this was interesting, in a recent article about Lydia Ko:   Of course, Lydia was 6 years old, not 31 years old, when she started out spending all that time on and around the greens.
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