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It's from flipping or turning your hands over before contact. Try aiming at a point more in front of the ball and swinging through it. The feeling that you are leaning a bit away from that spot in front of the ball, at contact, may also help.
Yeah, I think someone with Asperger's would probably be obsessed with detail. And would tend to be obsessively focused when interested in something. Moe Norman very probably had something like Asperger's, but never diagnosed. Moe probably became such a great ball striker partly because he enjoyed repetively hitting golf balls on the driving range. I think Dan is more the opposite of that, not as focused, but more big picture stuff and long term planning. The project itself...
Lily James:    
 Yes, Hogan actually said also "Hit the ball as hard as you can with both hands. The left is a power hand, too." And "You must hit as hard with the left as with the right." I don't think he emphasized one side being dominant, but rather he emphasized the hands being passive in the early part of the downswing, until they are at about hip level. With the arms, I don't think he emphasized one side, only that they should work together. For Hogan, the hips initiated it and got...
I highly recommend Gigagolf.   http://www.gigagolf.com/club_detailsHTML.jhtml?manufacturer=GigaGolf&groupnum=MI-GGTM19-SET http://www.gigagolf.com/club_detailsHTML.jhtml?manufacturer=GigaGolf&groupnum=MI-GGCW24-SET   I would recommend against the cheap sets in the big box stores. I think you will get better quality at no more cost from Gigagolf. Unfortuantely the more "Ping like" offerings there are not available for the left hand. This is a US manufacturer, the heads...
Mainly, you should have said something. If you can ignore it and not let it bother you, fine, but it obviously did bother you and even impact your game.  If you see him lining up to put when it's your turn, announce "excuse me, I'm away here".  If you see him taking ten-foot gimmes, comment on it. And stop worrying about him being someone's boss.  He probably doesn't want to be treated as "the boss" in his recreational time, anyway.
 I think it goes back to how Dan started this whole process, starting with putter, then chipping, then working his way up. He was probably a decent iron player before he ever even tried to hit a driver, and hasn't yet really gotten comfortable with it.
Agree. I get those cheap Wilsons at .42 cents per ball new in the red sack at Wall-Mart (and the sack itself is useful). If I really wanted the urethane balls, I might buy used. But with cheaper used balls, even Top Flites and Pinnacles still cost as much used as those Wilsons are new, and then you have to pay shipping unless you spend over $100. 
Inside Attack Cures A Slice   I'm Always Casting and Swaying   It All Comes Apart Suddenly   It's Almost Christmas and Snowing
 Yes, I had this thought above when reading the rant which said:  I had a laugh at the inconsistency of that. As someone above points out, People who play chess don't say they are "chessing". And people who play cards don't say they are "carding". Likewise, I would point out, they don't call themselves "chessers", and "carders", they are "chess players" and "card players". So I have no problem with those who insist that golf should not be used as a verb, if they want to...
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