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 There are some people who like the softer core balls, mainly for the feel, even with 100+ swing speeds. Some say they lose a little distance off the driver but gain with the irons. But certainly a 110+ speed makes it more likely you won't get along with them. Interestingly, the Chrome Soft which you like also has a relatively soft core (though not quite so much as the Duo, 65 vs 40 compression).  You might compare to the Callaway SR3, which is supposed to be optimized for...
 I think the ball does become a legal ball in play. Per rule 15-2:  rule 20-6 says:  In this case, the "applicable rule" is 27-1:  and the penalty for breach of 27-1 is two strokes.  So it seems to me he incurs one stroke penalty under 27-1, and then an additional two strokes penalty for breach of 27-1 by dropping in the wrong place. And then the ball is now in play.
 This. I imagine he'd make adjustments if/when he needs to. I think everyone's swing probably has some changes as they age.
 Well the idea of putting dimples on the ball was invented in 1905, so that's obviously no longer protected. And you can't just have patents on certain numbers of dimples, for example. That sentence about 250-370 dimples suggested to me as well a patent that might be overly broad. But there must be something Titleist sees in the pattern actually used, the way the dimples are arranged (in a "triangluar dipyramid shape"), which they think they can show is in violation. They...
It was probably Dan McLaughlin.
 Well it's less a challenge if they all can do it. Most would be going for it on 13, and the big hitters would be able to go for 15. The 17th at Tiburon was 485 last year and I remember Carlota Ciganda hitting that green in two (and ending up on the back fringe). It sounds like you just aren't a fan of women's golf, though. I think watching ladies like Carlota Ciganda, Brittany Lincicum,  Mirim Lee, Ariya Jutanugarn, Yani Tseng, Jessica Korda, Gerina Piller, Lexi Thompson...
 Again, no need to move any tees. The member's tees already play shorter than any course the LPGA has played this year.  And at 455 and 475 for 13 and 15, there would be girls going for those greens in two.  But of course they wouldn't want it to be the same. There'd be no point in it if it would be the same. The point of holding a tournament for the LPGA at Augusta would be that it would be different. 
 Yes, he may be right that it doesn't matter much after contact, but before contact, balance is leverage. It's hard to get all that energy to really translate to clubhead speed without it.
 No need for any new tee boxes.  They already have members tees that play at 6365 yards.  
Even if you get the grip, stance, and tempo right, it can sometimes be difficult at first to get ball position right.   If you are having trouble getting it in the air, one common problem might be that trying to hit it into the air can cause you to top it or thin it. This can also cause you to keep your weight too far back which might also cause slices. Getting the weight forward before contact, and hitting down on the ball, actually gets it into the air better. Try to...
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