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Saturday was a 47 +57 on  a first time course for me   Sunday a 49 +53 on a course I've played a few times   Still getting those three double par holes.    Damn
Played one of our muni's on tuesday. Three balls in the water. shot a 104. Close
and bacon. Seriously, he should: go back to having a gal in every port and be public about it...and play more golf/tournaments. He has to either play through the pain or stop playing. I cant see how folks at that level can compete unless they are competing
Most of the courses I play have a non player rule. Plus you pay for a cart, not a seat.
Managed a 92 on Sunday. Starting to break 100 more regularly, even a couple of high 80's   Changed my version of par in my head. My par is now bogey. Just a mental change.   Weird how that takes the pressure off.   Big thanks to one of you regulars who mentioned that
Over the winter I took some lessons. I was shanking regularly.  He got me to stand about a ball length further away at set up. No more shanks.
Played 18 with the boss and clients yesterday   54 plus 48-difficult course for me   Felt pretty good overall
Shot a 59 on a soaking wet 9 hole. Didn't "feel" like I played poorly, but didn't feel loose. Tried to get out for 18 but it was raining off and on all morning. Just went to the range and concentrated on form.
Van gator-that might be the option. I'm out for 18 today and will use a heavy object as required. Lol
Thanks. I'll check out the rear wheels.    No brakes, just a free wheeler.   I did tighten all the various front wheel mechanism screws which were a little loose on the left side
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