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With my wife, Been hitting balls since spring 2014, last winter indoors, took lessons, bought new clubs, play weekly, got maybe 40 rounds in, plus 10 or 15 times at the range. Totally hooked.   The wife summed it up yesterday-she went from being a 6-8 shot per hole girl to a 5-8 shot per round girl. No par holes to some par holes.   Thats the same for me, managed to break 100 a few times and 90 twice.   Reality check-we took up golf late in life,and getting two or...
Played 9 holes with a couple folks from work last night. Managed a 50 , which includes 4 or 5 duffed shots. Two duffed pitches on the same hole that went a foot each (forgot to use my hybrid as a thick grass putter)  and two hybrid fairway shots that went no where, grrrrrrrrr.   The single who was with us, shot a -2. He hit so far that he was forced to use a three wood on most dog legs. It was enjoyable watching that show.
Did I read somewhere that the bunker has its origins in the early scottish courses. Bunkers were just depressions in the ground which pastured animals used to protect themselves from the ocean storms.
The Internet Adjustment Formula: IAD = ( [ADD] * .96 + [EPS] * [1/.12] ) / (1.15) IAD = Internet Adjusted Distance (in yards)ADD = Actual Driver Distance (in yards)EPS = E-Penis Size (in inches) Thanks. I took the liberty of reposting. Man, there is so much to learn about this game lol
Hi Lihu, I just picked up on "internet yards" I'm 62 so grew up with yards, then we switched to meters. I didn't realise we have a new measurement "internet yards"  I reviewed the thread and uncovered the conversion "real" yardage" plus 40-50 yards. Now the 5 iron gets me 175-185 yards I feel much better
Hey MacDutch-thanks for the suggestion-I was going over my round yesterday and realized my 4 or 5  duffed shots (on just two holes) were my 5 iron. I just can't get my head around that club. I even use the hybrids for those punch shots from under a tree back on the fairway or as a long putter. I currently use 18 and 24 degree hybrids which seem to cover 135 to about 175, depending on swing. length.Cheers
62-started 3 years ago
Damn, I', feeling inadequate   I hit my 5 iron about 135 yards   Been using an online app to calculate my HC-currently 22.7   A bogey round is a great round for me
The rain held off-fall is upon us.
Never used a caddie-but did play a muni for the first time with an oldtimer who had played there 30 years.   I shot my first sub 90. He told me things I would never know and it paid off.   The pro caddie is part of a business team.
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