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Out with the wife for 18 today. Walked. Shot a 48+50. Started to crash on the back nine. First hot day of the year. 5 and 6 irons weren't working today. Gonna try them on a few holes instead of the hybrids on Sunday. Cost me 4or 5 strokes
Mighta been laying there over the winter, not sure
Been playing yellow for a couple of years. As the other poster mentioned, its one less hassle when the other players white balls are bunched together.    Started using srixon z star a couple weeks back. They seem to work for my swing. First time breaking 95, then broke 90.    A guy found a titleist yellow and I tried it yesterday-not sure of the model-kinda mushy 
Lessons and practice-good advice. I've been at it 3 years (i'm 62) It took me three years of playing and occasional practice and I managed to go from 140 to a 102/103.  This past winter got fitted for KZG irons and wedges, practiced and took lessons for about 12 weekends. Been out about 8 weekends-over the last two shot an 87 and 94. the lessons are really helping the consistancy Lessons and practice
Thanks man. I think the putter just followed suit. It was effortless today. Got a week off and three more 18's planned. Trust it will cement the muscle memory
Thanks for the tip-changed my set up to this suggestion-shot my first sub 90. 41+46. Seemed to make the real swing real comfortable-not so many miss hits, and those got me a straight 75 yards
Played 18 yesterday as a guest on an associates home course. Didn't listen to my inner voice and sand trap golf wisdom and tried hero shots on three holes. Managed to achieve three double pars Still managed 53 , 53. Last year that was 59, 61
Your improvement will happen as it's  gonna happen. It'll happen man-started 3 years ago for me, at 59   Took some lessons this past winter, got some decent clubs, playing once a week and practicing once a week   Moved from a 70-9 hole to a 44 this past friday. First time breaking 100.   For me this is a never ending learning journey. A game of chess out doors.   I'm 62 and realise I'll never make the senior's tour. I'm just enjoying getting out with my wife or a...
Poon, thks for this, especially 2 a, b and c.  Played a longer (for me) 18 hole muni yesterday with a business associate. Shot  a front 9-44, back 9-50, first time breaking  a nine hole 45 and first time breaking 100. Stopped shooting for the pin on approach shots and tried to aim for that safe place (for me) that allowed an easy chip to the putting surface. Thought about the next shot-only hit one drive ob and then  half swung a 5 iron back onto the fairway rather than...
Shot a 52, nine hole yesterday-with 4 miss hits.   Overall felt ok. Took a forumite's suggestion and tried aiming to the next large landing area, rather than trying for shortest distance to the pin   6 of 9 fairways (and one in a rough which turned into a par) and no three puts   over clubbed #1 and landed near the creek-second shot didn't clear the creek lip. Gotta remember more loft   Hit a large tree on #3 as a beauty approach shot was fading into the green. Who...
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