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Im old and don't twist well. Should stretch but don't.  Decided to shorten my back swing, open my back foot a little,close my club face (all lofts) with a strong grip. That has eliminated a pile of errors coming back down.   Stopped trying to hit kill the  ball.   Now I hit straight, most of the time.   I just want to play
Good on ya.   I;m 60 , second year this year   played my last game yesterday. Had two goals this year,  break a 105 for 18 and 50 for 9,   Managed two 51's yesterday playing a 9 hole double.   Started last year at 140, started this year at 120   Looking to break 50 and 100 next year.
Damn, happens regularly to me. I take a deep breath, help look for a ball. Most folks help each other. I play muni courses. I'm not going on tour
Hello from Calgary. Got out yesterday, Beautiful, plus 17   Going again tomorrow, not so beautiful, supposed to be plus 6   Last of the city Muni's close this week. That'll be it for me
New Posts  All Forums: