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+1-MacGregor tourney yellow all last season. $20 for 30 at Golf town.  +25 here. For me they are more consistant than using the various freebies and reconditioned boxes previously. They sure have helped my shots to the green
Im 61 and been playing 3 years, Started taking a few lessons the past month. With the change in swing, I was shanking more than usual . Checked the club. I was hitting the hosel.   The teaching pro got me to move back a ball width. Problem solved.   Good luck
Driver 9.5-11.5 5 wood 18 4 hybrid 21 5-pw 52, 56, 60 Putter   That's 13
I hear ya buddy. I'm a 25 so ya know where I stand but, those two or three holes kill me.   Decided to take some lessons to straighten out the driver. For me staying on the short grass off the tee is paramount but at my age I gotta use the big dog   Finally realised the importance of the short game and practice it.   Can't wait for green grass
My 2015 goals started in the offseason: 1. visit a recommended fitter-done 2. Take lessons from a recommended teaching pro-started 3. replace my irons-the pin has been pulled-saturday delivery 4. shooting a 45 9 holes (shot a 47 in 2014, down from 70 three years ago) 5. getting a 97 18 holes-still get tired and breakdown on a back nine (shot a 102 in 2014, down from a billion three years ago) 6. alternate practice /short game/putting with driving range practice
Im old and don't twist well. Should stretch but don't.  Decided to shorten my back swing, open my back foot a little,close my club face (all lofts) with a strong grip. That has eliminated a pile of errors coming back down.   Stopped trying to hit kill the  ball.   Now I hit straight, most of the time.   I just want to play
Good on ya.   I;m 60 , second year this year   played my last game yesterday. Had two goals this year,  break a 105 for 18 and 50 for 9,   Managed two 51's yesterday playing a 9 hole double.   Started last year at 140, started this year at 120   Looking to break 50 and 100 next year.
Damn, happens regularly to me. I take a deep breath, help look for a ball. Most folks help each other. I play muni courses. I'm not going on tour
Hello from Calgary. Got out yesterday, Beautiful, plus 17   Going again tomorrow, not so beautiful, supposed to be plus 6   Last of the city Muni's close this week. That'll be it for me
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