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@Missouri Swede that is a good point that there is actually another PhotoCaddy which has nothing to do with golf. So for others, just make sure the photo is the same as my profile photo on TST.
Hey everyone, I'm excited to announce that PhotoCaddy is finally released. It is available for Android here and iPhone here. It is available for free today but the price will change to $0.99 this weekend so make sure you get it now. If you do download it, I welcome all comments and suggestions as I will be starting to make improvements now that it is released. Just send me a private message if you have anything to say. For those of you unfamiliar with PhotoCaddy, it is...
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share that PhotoCaddy is nearing completion and will be available in the App Store and Play Store in a couple weeks. We are working at fixing one last bug, and once that is fixed it will go live. I'm very excited to release it into the app stores for people to use.   For those of you who aren't familiar with PhotoCaddy, it's an app which allows you to input each round of golf you play including golf course, date, group members, score, and...
Welcome, looking forward to chatting with you!
Hi there! Welcome to the site 
I write left handed and play golf left handed. I do tend to do a number of things right handed though. I throw with my right arm, kick with my right foot, and play racquet sports right handed. 
Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment, hopefully I get there someday.
 That hover cart is really cool!
I just have a collection of balls from courses I've played. I now wish I kept my first par, birdie, and eagle ball though, I didn't even think to keep the ball when they happened.
 I suppose Batman would carry his clubs in his utility belt, but I would still need a spot for my clubs though. Maybe the optimus prime suggestion is more feasible then since there should be lots of room on that cart.
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