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I currently work in Ghana, West Africa and every now and then I'm lucky enough to visit some local villages and capture a slice of their lives. Here are a few shot's of the local village and then an insight into what school life is like for the kids in Akoti, Ghana.    
On my way back to Australia from Ghana, I'm stopping in Dubai to play a round of golf. I was looking at playing the Faldo Course at the Emirates Golf Club.   Has anyone played there or played any golf in Dubai that they would recommend? Might even play a round of their night golf.  
This is me to a "tee"..... Pretty much guaranteed to find a broken tee on the par 3's at my home course, if not then I've got back ups in the bag. I like to have the ball just enough off the ground to be completely supported by the tee.
How are you finding these now? I'm looking at getting new wedges and have been very interested in the Mack Daddy's.
I've had the Bushnell Tour v3 Slope Edition for 4 months now and love it! I travel heaps for work playing lots of different courses and its the best bit of kit I have! No argument for not having one!
Hey,   I'm looking to get a lighter stand bag and travel with it while I'm working in Africa. I really like the Callaway 3.5 Hyper but can't decide on the colour, hoping some of you can share your thoughts?   Cheers!  
Thanks Mike, nothing more daunting than signing up to a new forum and not knowing where to start! I'll start making my way through it all ;)
If a course had the boards for hire then I could get a few of my mates out more often. They like golf but not as much as me and don't come out as often. If these were there to hire then they would be calling me to come out and play. I walk and ride but I don't see golf as my exercise for the week, I just tell the wife that it is!
My golf isn't really at the stage where I shoot for the pin, my goal is to get better GIR stats. I would pull out the range finder if it was heavily guarded green so I knew the distances I needed to carry to avoid traps or hazards. 
 I think this option is awesome.. Added benefit of the seat!
New Posts  All Forums: