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Thank you very much. Appreciate the help.
Well I'm around 5'2". I'm just worried if the shaft is going to lighten up too much. But thanks for the input!
I just recently bought an SLDR 3 wood. And I am looking to cut the shaft a couple inches. (I'm short) It is a 77 gram regular flex shaft that is 43.25 inches. I would like to cut it to about 41.25 inches. How will this effect the weight of the shaft from 77 grams and what would it do to he stiffness of the shaft? Thanks!
Thank you!
This is obviously a fake! Is the second picture the comparison? Or is that one fake also? Thanks
The first picture is obviously fake, but is the second picture a comparison to the real?
Obviously the top one is fake... But is this a comparison of the fake one to the real one? Or are they both fakes? Thanks
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