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I don't think your missing anything..lol  I play driver off my forward toe, and I either hit a baby draw, or a 10 yard push, whats weird is the push goes Much further...Can't explain why your doing that, maybe one of the swing guys can help you..
  Dude, did you watch Dick Clark's American Bandstand too...?   
First, welcome to TST. I take it your a Celtic's fan..? I'm sure your to young to remember the Lakers, Celtic's rivalry years ago...They had some awesome games in Boston.   Now to answer your questions..I'd say if you can afford it, go for it. If you have the talent to play well, you'll never know unless you try.   Best of luck to you..
Well, I got my Son  to start, but that was years ago..Good news, I talked him into bringing my grandson to the range a couple of times, and we are playing this Sunday, so I suggested that he bring my grandson along to play. Now I'm trying to talk my grand daughter into taking up golf, as she is pretty athletic, 16 yrs old, and 6' tall..My Son is 6'5" so.... 
Well, I went to the range tonight, and was thinking about this thread. My first lesson with Mike, he had me flare my feet, which helped due to the limited range of motion in my hips, and back, that was last April, I think..been flaring my feet ever since. So, tonight, Itried to hit a few irons with out flaring my feet, and although I now have more flexibility, I didn't seem to be able to turn my hips as far.    I hit 5 shots with my PW, 5 shots with my 8i, and 5 shots...
Get the lessons..I could have saved a ton of time, money and grief if I had taken lessons from the get go..
I have trouble with this using my driver. Sometimes, when I don't get my weight forward enough, I find that my finish is poor, and I usually swing to hard. So, I focus on making a Smooth swing with good tempo, and try to finish well. When I do that, more often than not I make decent contact, and the ball goes somewhat straight. 
  Also, Tiger is both  bit older, and I'm guessing the back injury will always be in the back of his mind, hoping it doesn't return under  the rigors of PGA play..I wish him all the best, and hope he gets to the top of the leader board soon.
Welp, I have to say, this was both informative, and Very entertaining..
  Totally agree...
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