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All I know is, I wish I had bought my 60 degree with way more bounce than 4 degrees. My 50 has 12, and I consistently hit it better. Although on tight lies, I have no problems hitting high flop shots with the 60. Bounce imho is a good thang.
  WTG  W.Z...
Welp, you have to learn to walk, before you can run..What I did, and still do is, say for an 8 iron shot, a slow swing would be, from the take away, a count of 1001, 1002, 1003, 1003 being at impact. Of course, you can go even slower if you wanted to. To maintain a nice even tempo, and cadence for my swing, a count to 1002 works pretty well for me.   Also, you can do this with 1/2 and 3/4 shots to get a good cadence. Oh, and helps if you count it out aloud.
Sunday afternoon bump....
Nice come back for Sean. Big congratz to Jordan for the win!!!
  Welcome aboard. Thanks for all of your service, and best of luck in your new career. Like Mike posted, there's a ton of great info here, also don't hesitate to jump in on a thread..Enjoy.. 
Odd, I went about 2 weeks ago to have the lie's checked on my irons. The fitter put tape on the Soles of my irons, not the faces. I.e, if you needed a more upright lie, the tape would be scuffed toward the toe, and just the opposite if you required a flatter lie. I was lucky, mine came out dead center.
Cool stuff guys...What about the rest of youz..?       Let's Do This !!!!!!!!!
Right now, my main swing thought is...Drop my arms. Over the years, Ive had many,many swing thoughts, some even got me into trouble...
I could be wrong, but..maybe, just maybe, Clay is sensing some very slight desperation..? And trying to syc the other guys out..?
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