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Anyone else hit the I 25's and comparable irons..??  I don't want to have to hit 10 different irons to help me decide..
 Depends on your swing, and what type of conditions you play in. I have a 54-12 and 60-04. But with the new irons I'm getting, I'll have to get a 56, and that will be a 56-12. Doesn't the Dicks sporting goods have a PGA pro on staff...? They advertise that they do.
  Thank you sir. I'll be sure to tell my fitter exactly what I'd like.
I too lose sight of my ball. I'm going to see if my eye doctor can't prescribe glasses that will allow me to see long distances. Plus I use the yeller balls, but still lose sight of em...(;
  Ahhh, thanks, I thought the S300 was a mid launch. I really need to READ more..lol
 Thanks. So the stock CFS stiff shaft offers a higher ball flight..? Not sure if I need, or want a higher flight, depending on how much higher..I'll have to ask them about that.
  Without tape, the spin rate could be much higher, resulting in shorter distance..?
 Thanks...Just a guess, but I "think" my 8i goes about 35-40 yds high, with a distance, again guessing about 140-150 yds.
  Hmmm, I thought that even cable was under the guidelines of the FCC..? 
  I know, but you did say 8 yrs....just messin with ya... 
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