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  Don't worry about it Mate, your not missing anything with regards to Holly... 
  I kinda knew it wouldn't catch fire..shame.
I used like playing alone, can't anymore...cuz I can't see the dang ball if goes more than 120 yds...lol
  Who knows..maybe he will explain it to us..
 Same happened to me. A store called and asked if we would be home to accept delivery of our new plasma tv, I said that I hadn't purchased one. They said they were calling the cops, found out later, when I renewed my local newspaper prescription the clown that took my info, tried to buy that tv..what an idiot..
Congratz to Bill, silver spoon or not.. Was a great win for him. Also, that Justin Thomas kid can really smash a golf ball..   Good things are sure to come his way.   BTW, what does, sliver spoon, have to do with any of this..??????
  Like I said, these OLD eyes...lol  
 I would think the toe, to my untrained eye, he seems to move ever so slightly away from the ball at impact. Then again, these Old eyes, need new glasses...........Again! lol Otherwise, swing looks good to me too.
  Wher'd he go...?
Lost mine a couple of times, I know how you feel, very frustrating. So, what I did was, go back to basic's. Went to the range, got in a good posture to start with, then made sure my grip was good, then double checked my address position. I then made 1/2 swings, i.e. where the shaft never goes past parallel to the ground, made sure the toe of the club was facing up on the back swing, and then on my follow through which was  the same as my back swing, parallel to the ground....
New Posts  All Forums: