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  Yeah, that commercial is getting, wait, is OLD. I almost thought about contacting the GC about it. Agree, Tony should lose his man card..
Welcome aboard Dude. Good luck on your quest for improvement, there's some great info on this site.
 Hmm. Just seems to me that you would lose some distance..no?
  Vaguely. Never paid much attention to him.  Why..? 
None, not a bag tag fan..
I can only comment on the grip. I have a Taylormade putter, and switched to the Superstroke 3.0. For me, it gives me much more control, i.e. the stock grip being on the small side, had a tendency to move in my hands unless I gripped it tighter than I like to. The 3.0 being thicker, lest me grip with a softer pressure, yet I have good control on my putts. Not the cheapest grip @30.00, but well worth it to me. 
I just had a look at their site. Looked at Vokey wedges, thought they are kind of misleading when they don't list if they are the SM4's or SM5's. At 99.00 I'm guessing SM4, but I do think they should list the model #.   Looks like they have some good deals though.
I'd like to know why Sedena always chokes way down on her clubs ? did she not get fitted or something..?
  I dunno, they know how to add up money pretty well.. Seriously, that range really needs to be redone. I recently saw a photo when it was new...what a difference. Owners claim they don't have the $$$$ to re do the place..
  I drive all the time in my FJ green joys...
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