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I tilt my head slightly to the right, right handed, just before I start my take away. I'm left eye dominate, and that gives me a better sense of where I'd like my club head to strike the ball..weird huh..lol
 I think I joined the Supporter group, about a month after I joined TST...insight baby...insight. 
I bought a pretty nice one from e-bay, paid $46.00 + shipping. I believe they retail for about 79.00. Here's the one I got, it's 7' X 10' .     I would check e-bay, but bid with caution, and above all, Stay patient..and sneaky.. BTW, here's a link to some nets on ebay.    http://www.ebay.com/sch/Nets-Cages-Mats-/50876/i.html
Thanks guys....
Remember all my shots..???? Hahaha...I have to mark down each during 1 hole, so I don't forget what I made on a given hole...lol  old age has it's downsides too..
First off, Welcome to TST..Here's alink to help with getting your weight forward, check out Key #2    http://purestrike5sk.com/videos.php
Just to add to all the above. For 29 bucks, imho, you get way more from this site than it cost's to become a Supporter.   Let's Do This!!!!
  I thought that the anti freeze may be the case, but when he said it smelled like exhaust, I kinda ruled that out, although you may be right. I drive a diesel   
 More than likey a bad exhaust gasket, but could be  a crack in the manifold also. Best to have it checked out. Having exhaust fumes inside the car is not good.  Good luck on the repair..let us know what it was/is..
Does it smell like burnt oil, or exhaust fumes..?
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