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 Very nice. I also believe you can be good at certain sports without being a jerk.
My quirk would be to flush a long iron...      Wait...does that even make sense..?
 19...I think his arrogance is gonna be his downfall in the grand scheme of the contest. I also find his swing to be unpleasant to my eyes..  
Great post. Better luck to Matt next time out.
Just my un expert opinion. I would concentrate on your swing, and would suggest maybe having a Pro look at your swing to identify any faults. Once you can make decent contact most of the time, then I would look at newer clubs, lots of good used clubs out there, and they don't have to be the latest technology. A bunch of us here play older irons, that work just fine. 
  Your last statement meaning...?  Are you saying someone is lying..?
Nice win for Ben...Congratz..
I voted..nothing crazy.   At 66 yrs old, and being that I can only go by what I did up until about 2003, and playing about 8 yrs, my distance has improved, as did my dispersion.   I would have to say that due to the lessons with Mike and Dana, and all the info here, plus all the time I spend working on my swing, and maybe the golf balls, as compared to the Balata balls I use to use, I've picked up more distance with my short irons, and mid irons. Long irons are iffy,...
I kinda like these early tournies. Gives us fans a chance to see players, that we might not see when all the big names are there.
Morning Dew  
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