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  Also, Tiger is both  bit older, and I'm guessing the back injury will always be in the back of his mind, hoping it doesn't return under  the rigors of PGA play..I wish him all the best, and hope he gets to the top of the leader board soon.
Welp, I have to say, this was both informative, and Very entertaining..
  Totally agree...
we have Berber carpet, so I'd hate to see what ours is....
  Yup...What I find sorta weird is, Lydia is kind of a short hitter..no?  Yet she finds a way to win, or the longer hitters seem to miss shorter birdie putts.  I was really pulling for Michelle to win.. 
I watch both tours. Been some great play on the Champions tour lately, worth a look if you can. 
Search ...back pain relief on You Tube...there's a ton of good video's to help you. 
Good luck out there. No pressure, have Fun!
Welcome to TST...catchy screen name there...  Lots of great info, as I'm sure you have read..anywho, enjoy your stay.
  Dittto. I don't usually get "happy" for the winner, but in Christina's case..I was really HAPPY for her..
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