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 A song comes to mind...Blinded by the light, act like a douche and you still don't get it right...lol
Buying new, or used..? With the cost of some of the new ones, and the insurance, ect. might not be cost effective, unless you can get a used one on the cheap. Also, having ridden everything from a 50cc step through honda, to 170 mph race bikes, riding anything on 2 wheels on the street scares the crap outta me nowadays, so I'd say ride at your own risk.. 
This might be a good place to look, and they are a sponsor of TST. My Son and I have bought clubs from them, and they are good folks to deal with.  Link to some used Ping irons.    http://www.globalgolf.com/golf-clubs/1012894-ping-g10-iron-set/used/?sft=1
Congratz...I would add a thank you to you as well, for all of your great advice here, even though I've only been here  1 yr, 
Maybe...he could look up Ivan Lendel for some pointers..? 
How are your arms at address.? I use to have mine slightly bent, and hit all sorts of fat, and thin shots. Then one day my buddy said something about ..why am I bending my left arm..?, so I began setting up with both arms straight,and even though the right arm folds on the back swing, I'm now hittin way more solid shots due better contact. 
Kevin Stadler..  Also, look  at some of the long drive hitters on the Re Max circuit, some of them dudes are Big.. 
Maybe not hit a ball one right after another, if that's what your doing. I'll hit maybe 5 balls, with the same club, but different distances, heights, ect..then sit down for a few mins. Also, I try to replicate how I might hit balls during a round, so maybe a driver then sit as if I was in a foursome walking a par 5, say 520 yds..and I was the last to hit again, so I sit for about 5 mins.then I may hit a 3 wood, or lay up with an iron, then sit again, and so on..that way...
PGA President.    Link to story       http://sports.yahoo.com/news/pga-president-refers-poulter-lil-235644299--golf.html  
  Doesn't Ping do the same thing..?
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