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 Titleist Performance Institute did studies years ago showing the same thing for golf.  People using that technique gained more club head speed than those swinging a heavier club.  They had people swing a driver upside down (hold on the to head and swing it) so you don't even need to buy anything to practice that way.
I bought the Golfsmith regripping kit that has solvent, tape, knife, etc. and it works great.  Supplies are enough to do a lot of clubs.  I've regripped twice now and still seem to have most of the supplies left.  The kit isn't showing up on their web site anymore for some reason but I expect it's still in the stores.  Here's the link to what I got:   http://www.amazon.com/Golfsmith-Regripping-Supply-Kit/dp/B0012FHHGM
I was going to get AP2's to replace my 755's... then the RBZ Tour's came out and looked great so I was leaning towards those... then I hit the Callaway X-Hot Pro's and bought those instead.  In my opinion, the XHP's are more forgiving than both the AP's and RBZ Tour's, look just as nice, and feel great.  I did get KBS shafts put in as the stock one was too light for my taste.  I'd recommend giving the Callaways a try...
My problem w/ phone GPS is that's just not a very good GPS.  A dedicated golf GPS will use WAAS which gives it good accuracy pretty much everywhere in North America. My understanding is that there are no common cell phones out there that support WAAS.  A phone is using a combination of a fairly poor GPS receiver combined with measurements from cell towers.  If you have a good cell tower geometry, the phone will actually be better than just GPS - but it could be much...
Something to keep in mind:  NASA's budget (~$17 billion) is a tiny drop of the federal budget.  Check out:   http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/budget_gs.php   There have been studies that show the average American thinks NASA's budget is 25% of budget when it's actually something like 0.4%. The top 3 items in the table above (pensions, health care, defense) are all each roughly $800+ billion. A 1% cut in any of those items items could increase NASA's budget by...
I got a ship notice yesterday and I only ordered a week and a half ago so they must be moving through the pre-orders pretty quickly.  Tracking shows it's left China so I'll report back sometime next week w/ results.  I did notice there was an update to the android app today (no release notes that I could see).
  I have to disagree with this.  None of these tools limit the depth or side to side motion of the cutting edge so there is nothing stopping you from making grooves wider or deeper than the rules require.  This is even more true for post 2010 grooves if they have a rounded shoulder.  I don't see how any of these tools will recreate the correct rounded shoulder after it's been flattened with use.   I personally don't have any problem with people using these tools, but...
Well I couldn't resist any longer.  I put my pre-order in today - hopefully I'm not too far down on the list. 
    Uhh - I think you mean: "really lucky people have it made".  I doubt most golfers in LA or CA have a much of a chance to get on those courses (except Industry of course).  Having said that, I was lucky enough to play the North at LACC last month and it was absolutely spectacular.  No one has invited me to play Riviera yet... :(
I think it's the best measure of the overall "quality" of your golf.  I use mine to set my high level goals for the year.  I have other more specific goals as well (fewer 3 putts, higher GIR, etc) but I always have a goal for my handicap.
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