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I am out for this month, just got back from a golf weekend in Pismo and I am booked the rest of April.  But I am open in May.
Thanks, that is a great idea.
Thanks, anyone ave any feed back about the paint chip?
I was lucky enough to have a friend who hated his R1 and decided to give it to me..  Now that I am the new owner of a slightly used R1 I have a few questions..   1, My friend is 6'8 and decided to buy it with a extra stiff shaft, I normally hit a stiff shaft and mentioned to another friend that I was planning on getting another shaft for it and he said that it was a bad idea because the stock shaft is matched to the club.  Has anyone replaced their shaft on the R1 and...
Sorry guys I am not available the 22nd.  Made plans thinking we were golfing this weekend, maybe next time.
Let me know what you all decided,
I am still in, I am a little nervous playing with guys that have such lower handicaps then me, but I will try to keep up..
I am good for any time, earlier the better.  Just let me know when to show up..
I have been using Swing by Swing, this app is really easy to use and it as a website to help you track all of your scores.
I am still in, when should we be making Tee times?
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