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Thanks for the advice,I am heading out this Sunday to play wish me luck
Hello,   I am in need of a few tips on correcting my slice when using my driver.  I believe my swing path is from outside in, causing a nasty slice that really derails my game mentally.  I have been working on keeping my head still but I have a few two many things going on in my head and it makes for a rough swing.  I was hoping for one thing that I can really work on to hopefully simplify my swing to help keep my ball in the fairway off the tee.     Thank you all for...
When counting total putts, do you count a putt from the fringe as a putt?  Might be a dumb question so feel free to make fun of me..   Thanks,   Rock
I am out for this month, just got back from a golf weekend in Pismo and I am booked the rest of April.  But I am open in May.
Thanks, that is a great idea.
Thanks, anyone ave any feed back about the paint chip?
I was lucky enough to have a friend who hated his R1 and decided to give it to me..  Now that I am the new owner of a slightly used R1 I have a few questions..   1, My friend is 6'8 and decided to buy it with a extra stiff shaft, I normally hit a stiff shaft and mentioned to another friend that I was planning on getting another shaft for it and he said that it was a bad idea because the stock shaft is matched to the club.  Has anyone replaced their shaft on the R1 and...
Sorry guys I am not available the 22nd.  Made plans thinking we were golfing this weekend, maybe next time.
Let me know what you all decided,
I am still in, I am a little nervous playing with guys that have such lower handicaps then me, but I will try to keep up..
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