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Thanks for all your help guys!! its a part of my game that lets me down the most I will definitely try two 3w or a 3w 3h. Hopefully the lessons will help which I'm sure they will because I have a feeling it's my set up because my connection is never to bad. I don't really want to change my irons but its crossed my mind as a solution as soon as the weather is better here in Wales :( il have a couple of practice rounds working on the advice you have all given me. Thanks again!!
Thanks for your input WUtiger after looking at what you have said its more than likely my set up I never fully feel confident and comfy with a 4i or 5i in my hand. The course I play in winter or windy conditions requires a 4i 2nd shot into 2 par 4s which I never score on so before I start on the first in my head ino iv lost shots on those two holes. My swing speed is around 84mph and I use a regular shaft! Iv just booked in for a few lessons to try and sort it. Thanks...
Hi guys I'm new to sand trap and looking for some advice :) I'm currently playing nike vr pro combo irons and hit my shorter irons well and love the feel of blades but I'm looking for more forgiveness in the longer irons. I'm a decent ball striker but feel I need abit more help. Any ideas what irons I should be looking at to get this ? Iv looked at the ap2 714 as they are due out soon here in the uk but are they going to be any more forgiving in the longer irons than what...
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