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Courses in Nova Scotia are starting to open. I might be playing this weekend! Still not open in New Brunswick yet. I am guessing another couple of weeks.
 I believe cameras are allowed during practice rounds at (almost?) every PGA Tour event.
That's great! 
Coming from somebody who doesn't live nearby any venomous snakes - how do you guys kill them if you see one on the course? I'd be walking briskly in the other direction!   I saw a bear on the course last year. That was probably the most dangerous thing I've seen. 
I haven't read the entire thread so not sure if this has been mentioned or not but thought I'd share regardless.   Gary Player says that if a single digit handicapper was to play Augusta, hit every green in regulation, but had to putt from the spot on the green he placed the ball, the single digit handicapper wouldn't break 100. Says something about the difficulty of the greens.   Different situation than just going to play the course from tee to green but thought it...
 75% of the kids at the Drive Chip and Putt competition answered 'Rickie Fowler' when asked who their favorite golfer was. He is definitely good for the game!
Anybody know what the green pins the players are wearing symbolize?
     Bubba Watson is only 1-for-8 when holding the 36-hole lead. Could be an interesting finish.
 Good call! Just switched over.
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