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Always enjoy this tournament. Any Boston area TST members going?
   Ha, I was thinking the same thing. "This sounds familiar..."
 Kuchar is getting better though. He is starting to look more put together. It used to be really bad.
 Thanks @boogielicious! We had fun with it.
Shoot! I was coming here to post this. We actually did a quiz as well. Feel free to participate to see if you got the same guy!   http://foursum.com/otd/which-pga-tour-pro-are-you/
 I was talking about Rory but Tiger is a good example as well! Not feeling either one right now.
   I'm not liking the shirts they're putting him in at all. I have noticed that he has looked pretty bad the last couple of tournaments (maybe it's the secret?)
Her Twitter account is pretty funny. She was definitely trying to get his attention (and is still trying).
Haha, her face is pretty too.. @mvmac.     
 Definitely! I also found it tough to walk the golf course for a week and not take a single swing, haha. 
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