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This is on my bucket list. Not sure where the closest spot is though. Probably Vegas.
Those courses look awesome. Have fun!
Crazy. I wonder if the member who invited the guests is still a member.
 His swimming game isn't much better. I saw him in a bright orange bathing suit in a hotel in Montreal. True story!
 Your country is beautiful, too! I woke up to snow. 
Here is Tiger's reply.   http://thesandtrap.com/t/78220/wow-tiger-got-dissed-by-dan-jenkins   I'd say this was all orchestrated by Golf Digest. Smart.  
I spent a winter in Calgary and they have regulation sized outdoor rinks all over the city. There were some good games played!
 Haha, no room on my balcony. I did growing up though!
 Love the old fashion style.
Love it!
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