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Deadline is a bit earlier this week. You have about two hours left to get your picks in.
Mickelson back this week! Allenby withdrew, too, but I doubt he was a hot pick anyway. 
 Ha ha.   
I had Reed, Walker, and Day. Good opening week. 
I was thinking the military situation might distract Bae. I wouldn't mind seeing him win to help pad his case against returning to South Korea to serve.   I also was on the fence about putting in Bubba today. I think his starts will be in high demand later in the year.
I'm not sure if this has been asked yet - is there a time limit the ball can sit there? If you get to the green and it falls, is it an ace? What about when you pull the flag stick out assuming you don't touch the ball?
I tried out a new sim golf spot a couple of weeks ago and had the same experience. The full-swing shots were bang on. Chipping and putting were a bit hard to judge. Definitely a fun night out though. It'll get me through the winter.
 Haha. Happens to the best of us. Let's go Jimmy Walker!
I posted this on our Facebook page yesterday and it generated some good discussion. Thought I'd do the same here.   Assuming this is your first shot on a par-3, is it a hole-in-one? Or an easy birdie?  
Table tennis outside in the cold would be hard. Especially if windy!
New Posts  All Forums: