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It's been pretty good in Atlantic Canada. Courses should still be open until at least the end of October. It's definitely getting cool in the mornings though.    I love fall golf.
Adam Scott is my favourite for sure. Luke Donald is up there too.
 Something similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago. A fox ran off with my golf ball! I chased him but he got away. It was a Pro V. 
I wonder if Canadians can do this as well. I'd like to give it a go.
Love the pics. Keep em' coming!
 This! The way he interacts with fans is great. He says he wants people to know that professional golfers are approachable. Did you see him give his phone number to a young fan last week? 
Always enjoy this tournament. Any Boston area TST members going?
   Ha, I was thinking the same thing. "This sounds familiar..."
 Kuchar is getting better though. He is starting to look more put together. It used to be really bad.
 Thanks @boogielicious! We had fun with it.
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