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Golf Channel just reported that Azinger wasn't interested in doing it either. He recommended DL3.
A bit of a low blow from Scobee in my opinion. As a professional athlete, he should know not to poke at somebody during a slump.
I really like DL3 as the pick. As @iacas mentioned, Couples said he wasn't a "PGA of America guy" anyway. 
Our courses are going to be butchered when the snow/ice melts. We've had snow/rain combo storms too often and the ice is just so hard on the courses.
I am biased, but I use a golf app.  
 The last month and a half has been brutal!
Quivira looks so ridiculously good. Hope to play it someday.
I've heard good things about Eagles Nest in Vaughan. Haven't played it though.
 I think that was on purpose, or he just covered it up well! He told Stephanie Wei a few minutes before that he was going to try to hit a Go-Pro.
New Posts  All Forums: