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I agree with many of the comments above. Vicky Hurst is always well put together too. I like her hats.    
I would love to have driving stats like Ko's! Averages about 250 off the tee and hits almost 80% of fairways.   What I love about her most is that she plays within her own game. She's not afraid to hit hybrids into greens when others are hitting irons. She has a bright future ahead of her.
Just one here. It was the final par 3 of the day, and I was the last in my group to tee off. One of the other guys in my group said, "Alright, Will, you're our last hope for a hole-in-one today." I took care of business!
That wasn't your best - wow, that was awful.
 Nothing but rain in Halifax.  The rest of the team in Moncton got a dumping of snow though.
 What course is that? You guys have the perfect weather in Vancouver (for me anyway).
It would have been a great weekend to golf in Nova Scotia. Most of the courses are closed though.
This is on my bucket list. Not sure where the closest spot is though. Probably Vegas.
Those courses look awesome. Have fun!
Crazy. I wonder if the member who invited the guests is still a member.
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