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I'd likely shoot a dozen shots higher with her in my group. 
That's impressive!
Sad day in Canada. Rest easy Cpl Nathan Cirillo!
I voted 2+ and a major. The first win will be the hardest. 
They've had some good and bad episodes without Holly. Every episode with Holly was good though.
I'd definitely give it a try. I was curious about the economics of a course like this so I'm glad somebody added it above. 
I'm in Halifax and about a 4 hour drive from Cabot. Let me know if you guys make the trip and I'll meet you for a beer. 
It's been pretty good in Atlantic Canada. Courses should still be open until at least the end of October. It's definitely getting cool in the mornings though.    I love fall golf.
Adam Scott is my favourite for sure. Luke Donald is up there too.
 Something similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago. A fox ran off with my golf ball! I chased him but he got away. It was a Pro V. 
New Posts  All Forums: