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I have been reading on the site for a couple weeks and finally joined after reading 1000's of posts and enjoying this community. I wanted to say thank you for all of the information shared on this site. It is a great help and gives so many people great enjoyment. I am a former professional athlete who took up golf to fill the void of completion. I gave it up for a wife and two little ones, but moved onto a course 2 years ago and took up the game again. To say i am hooked...
Thank you very much for answering my question. I will continue on and monitor the boards for things I may need to alter. Yes, I have custom clubs, but not as bad as you would expect. I have a 7'1" wingspan so my clubs only need be 1" long and 3* up. But I am a long way from the ball with a 41" inseam so I am not the average size golfer. Thanks for your help guys. I do appreciate a board like this, that is civil most of the time.
My first post on this site, I started reading this entire thread. When I got to about page 40 and tried a few swings I decided this would be a good fix for me. I am rather tall and because of this I have a difficult time with swaying off the ball and not returning to impact position in time, resulting in an open club face. I thought that if I could stay forward it would help prevent my problem and S&T would be a good fit for me. My book will arrive next week. Now I get...
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