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Approach shot 260 yard carry 3w into a par 5 to 10 feet. Lipped out eagle. :)
Knuckes down makes you release the club properly and not flip it. That's it.
I've been struggling with the shanks for about 2 years. Even when I'm playing well I usually see one rear its ugly head per round. Its something that's been driving me totally crazy. Even when I shoot good scores, if I shank in a round it destroys my joy. Anyways as you can imagine i've been trying to figure it out for a while now. So here it is. Setup. Setup. Setup. When I shank its because I'm unknowingly setting up with my shoulders open to the target, causing me to...
Shot a 71 on a par 70. A few silly mistakes but overall a good round.
That's a hilarious. One thing that can bring out the compassion in the even the most hardened hearts... commiserating over the shanks! Yeah i've been suffering with these bad boys over the past 2 years and to be honest I was standing too far from the ball. Yes from time to time I'd slide towards the ball, come from too far inside, all the usual suspects, but the main culprit was my setup. It looks good, but in actuality there was too much room between the butt end of my...
Driver: 280 3W: 250 2H: 230 4i: 205 5i: 190 6i: 180 7i: 170 8i: 160 9i: 150 PW: 130 52W: 115 56W: 100 60W: 80
Sounds like maybe your just simply getting stuck. Sometimes when your lower body is too much ahead your upper body, your arms can get stuck behind you and you will hit a block. Either your rotating with your hips too quickly. Maybe just try to consciously keep your arms in front of your chest throughout your downswing. I think that Tiger and Rory have this problem too and have talked about it online.
Staying behind the ball. I have a tendency to slide forward a bit sometimes, which comes from going after it too much and I can even shank a couple that way. I can tell when I'm doing it cause I'll see my ball flight come down noticeably. If this happens, then I know I'm a few swings away from shanking if I don't correct it. When I stay behind the ball and rotate correctly my ball flight is high and very straight which makes life a lot easier on my home course where the...
Maybe you should think about "turning" or "firing" your hips rotationally instead of sliding. Sliding isn't really what you want.
I've been working a lot of keeping the width in the my swing throughout my backswing into my downswing. I have a tendency to bend my left arm a little at the top of my backswing, and even though its not a huge problem, I definitely notice a difference in impact when I keep it straight. I have a swing aid that's been helping me with this and its called the Swing Extender.
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