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I just downloaded Golfshot for my Windows Phone and find it to be terrific.  It's really easy to use and input shots, fairways hit, etc. in one easy place.  I used Golflogix in the past but they no longer support Windows Phone.  So far I like it a lot although the GPS system tends to move yardages around a little (not that stable), but it's been fine so far and again the interface is the best so far.
If you're swinging over 100 mph with a driver you should switch to a tour level ball if you want to see much better performance with distance and spin around the greens.  Maybe the Bridgestone B330 RX, or even the 330 if you're swinging above 105 mph.  You could also use the next tier down ball like the Taylormade Project A or Callaway Hex Chrome series.  Believe it or not you will really see a difference especially as it gets warmer now.  Try the Bridgestone on line ball...
The reverse K setup is great and really helps to keep from sliding too far in your swing.  I have a tendency to sway and the pro advised me to utilize the reverse K and after much practice it really helps.  The only problem I've found is that sometimes by kicking in your right knee (for the K) you put too much weight onto your right side and you end up defeating the whole concept.  But if you keep your weight centered it works pretty well.
Just played my first round since the first of the year yesterday.  Granted it was only 9 holes (with 3 balls on each shot though) and the course was anything but in good shape and it was blowing hard too.  Don't care it was great!!  Unfortunately they are predicting a northeaster this week that could bring a lot of snow - hoping they are wrong though.  Looking forward to next weekend (if it doesn't snow) when a few more courses might be open.  This winter has to end...
The 5 wood and 3 hybrid are not really the same.  The 3 hybrid is comparable to a 7 wood (see Ping's website for example).  The hybrid is more forgiving due to the shorter shaft and therefore easier to hit as a result.  In the end it all comes down to how far you hit each club and if you are getting similar distances go with the 3 hybrid as it will likely be more consistent.  Good luck - I can relate as I carry both and am trying to find a hybrid to allow me to drop the 5...
Winter in New England continues with cold temperatures and now rain to add some fun.  Thought we'd have a nice(r) weekend coming up but then saw that it's going to rain again.  Beginning to wonder if we'll ever get out to the course again.  Hopefully I can at least get to the range and maybe even play some golf assuming any of the courses are open (they're not yet though, but I'm hopeful).
Jimmie Walker  -8 Harris English  -8 Matt Kutcher  -8
It's a tie for worst weather.  I played in a tournament a few years ago where the weather was pretty close to the torrential rain storm from Caddyshack.  40 mph winds or more and raining sideways, and collosal flooding all around the course too.  Horrible conditions but still we had a great time and the charity benefited too.  Several other times I've played in 20's temperature and snowing, kinda fun until the spikes load up with snow and you can't putt any more.  From...
Adding 3-4 layers of build up tape and then using the grip tape will approximate a midsize grip in diameter.  But it's a little different feel than standard midsized grips, depending on the manufacturer.  For example Lamkins tend to be less tapered than GP's in my opinion.  Definitely can add the extra wraps but I'd suggest trying it first before going ahead and installing all of them right away.
Great photo!!  I've played golf several times and caught in a snow storm. The last was around the New Year here in MA - the last drive was almost impossible to see even though I was using a yellow golf ball.  Great fun and worth a few photos at least.  The golf isn't too good as the ball won't roll (acts like a snowball eventually) but still a lot of fun.
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