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Yes I concur, I'd like to see Tiger get a solid tournament under his belt.  Will be fascinating to see how he performs across the rest of the PGA Tour schedule.
The European team already looks impressive on paper; but there will be chinks in the armour.  G-Mac not playing well up till now and we can add Poulter, Westwood and Donald to that list.  Could be a case of them peaking for later in the season; that's if they all make the team.
The new Open Championship qualifying structure is interesting.  The PGA Tour leg of the 'Qualification Series' starts next week at Congressional http://www.theopen.com/en/Qualification.aspx
Some huge moves as you'd expect after the US Open. Fowler now into the automatic spots in 7, with Dufner and Reed now rounding off the Top 9. Mickelson, Kirk, Zach and English next up.  Keegan up 4 spots into 17th.   Looks like Tiger's return won't be too far off as well. Going to be a fascinating few weeks building up through The Open and PGA.
It's going to be a true test of traditional golf this week.  All manner of players 'could' win but those who can only perform on manicured, wide, Par 72s won't. If the rain isn't persistent as whatwoodtigerdo mentions there is no way that lower than Par wins this week.  Only Payne Stewart in 99 as ever shot under par here across 2 USOs on a much shorter layout.
Current standings: 6 Furyk, 7 Dufner 8 Reed 9 Kirk -- 10 Mickelson 11 Zach 12 English 13 Todd 14 Na 15 Moore   Notables outside: 16 Simpson 18 Fowler 19 Woodland 21 Bradley 22 Holmes 27 Haas 29 Mahan   With Woods looking like the injury might take him out of the equation, Tom looks like he may well be blooding some Ryder Cup rookies. 3 Majors and a WGC to go, but some big names need to find some form this summer.
With the crown shaped greens repelling all errant shots into chipping areas, it looks to me like this will be a chipping and putting contest. GIR grinders with no short game would seem to be at a dis-advantage.  Mickelson and Snedeker are obvious but what other players do you think Pinehurst will suit?
It's a shame for Padraig, but you just know that at some point he will find form and earn his way back into Major Championships.
Can't say I'd take Rickie Fowler over Jason Dufner looking at current PGA Tour stats, but plenty of the season left to go.  Of the current 9 automatic qualifier spots Reid for me will be the most likely to drop out.
Absolutely correct. The Centenary course is renowned for being very American and has been likened to a PGA Tour type track.  I had a quick look at the points standings from 2012 and $4 million was the automatic cut off for the US team.  They only took 8 automatically, which as we know has now jumped to 9 spots.  So in my reckoning, Watson, Walker, Kuchar and Spieth are already locked in, with Furyk and Dustin Johnson just a Top 10 away from qualification.  That leaves a...
New Posts  All Forums: