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Serious question. Any news about how the course is playing.  Naturally the ice-storm in February made the news over here and that must have had some ramifications in terms of speed of fairways? The course looks lush (as ever) and it rained plenty on Monday.  So it's all relative - especially at Augusta, but is the course likely to be a snidge softer in the early going?
Love this comment.  We are used to the TW order, but 2014 looks like it's the start of the JW order, especially after he wins for the 4th time this season in Houston this week.
Who is to say that TW won't make a full recovery from this surgery? In terms of Augusta next week I'd rather see Tiger not playing, than actually making the effort and plating injured.  As I have said on here before this nerve problem has been on-going for a period of time and naturally he will be receiving the most specialised treatment from the most eminent surgeon in this field.
Has to be a mix of John Daly, Boo Weekley and Graham Delaet. Some of this PUMA kit he wears is absolutely horrid.  Primary colour or primary school like designs.
Rose is seriously struggling with a shoulder injury, which means that his tee to green game is down trending early in 2014.  When you look at his long hitting, high GIR% game it's perfect for Augusta, but in my opinion this year's event has come far too soon for him. He will drift to 40/1 in the week leading up to the tournament,
Great to have such a close inside view of life on a Tour. Keep the updates going for sure.
Great photos as always.  The course is looking in fine fettle.  How punishing does the rough look? The GCSAA factsheet is quoting 4" and I know this part of Florida has seen more rain over the winter than it did for the 2013 tournament.
Tiger is certainly drifting in the UK betting markets for Augusta as you'd expect.  Without any pain free golf in 2014, any hopes of winning at Augusta is pretty much fantasy land IMO.  It won't happen.  As said though, for me the concern is that Tiger will need to give his body time to recover, but more importantly he's going to have to accept that his old 'training' regime will need to change moving forward.  His body is finally telling him, it's time to adapt.
Some interesting observations here. Agree with the course experience line and I also think that players who have a high approach shot apex have a real advantage on the fast Augusta greens.  One thing I haven't read on this thread so far is how we think the unseasonal cold weather that Augusta has in February will affect the course.  With sub air systems you can see the greens still being fast, but the fairways?   5 from me in no particular order:   1) McIlroy 2)...
I voted NO.  The guy is a huge talent and he's retracted those comments he made, just minutes after winning a WGC tournament.  Give the young guy a break!
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