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pirate jim et.al. -   c'mon, that's every year marketing hype, you shouldn't be fooled by that and make the leap to counter weighting. if we bought a new driver every year and increased 15+ yds, we'd all be hitting it 500 yds. by now.   first off, they're searching for more distance by repositioning the center of gravity in the head combined with lighter and longer shafts to increase club head speed. plus your talking drivers vs. irons and they're different.   for...
for the drawing requests  
just go to either (both) of these sites and read along.   been doing this for 5=6 years now, makes a big difference when properly fitted by the right club maker. a lot cheaper than your $19/per   added club head speed, ball speed, distance, but most of all narrowed dispersion so i'm more accurate. also, for what it's worth, the weight was different for 4-PW, than for the wedges.   hope it helps       http://www.balance-certified.com   http://www.tourlockpro.com
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