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I have 2 full sets from Driver to putter just because I get them fairly inexpensive, why not.
Callaway RAZR Xtreme Driver $259 NEW Callaway RAZR Xtreme 3Wood Free wiith Driver Purchase NEW Callaway XHot 3Hybrid $64 DEMO Adamsgolf CB2 4-GW $220 USED Acer XB Wedges 50, 54 and 58 $70 NEW Cleveland Classic 10 putter $40 USED BagBoy XLT-15 $110 NEW
I use a Bushnell NEO-X watch mainly but I also use Golfpad on my phone to give me layouts of first time played courses.
I've been playing Hex Hot Pro's lately.  So far I like the feel off the driver and the spin on the greens are descent.
I prefer the afternoons just becuase I'm already loose compare to first thing in the morning where muscles area still tight, old man syndrome.
I would use a 54* with a full smooth swing.
looking for a new bag, ball and or wedges in that order.  I'm hoping I can find these deals at Dick's Sporting goods since I still have gift cards from them to use.
I've always been a feel player in pretty much any sport I've played.  Although I believe in the mechanics of it 100%, I will practice the mechanics to death until it becomes a feel for me or muscle memory.  Not sure if that makes sense to you guys but I have a tendency of reverting to old habits when I get to relaxed.
Thanks! I'm in Central Jersey near the Rutger's golf course.  So far so much good info I'm reading here.
Hello! My name is Marv, I'm from NJ and I'm a fairly new golfer.  I signed up to pickup as much good info that can help better my game.
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