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Does anyone know how to delete previous rounds on the tour pro s320. Just thinking it must take up some memory that is just a waste. Or does it only keep a certain amount of rounds. Can't find anything on the user manual, just only how to put scores in.
I currently have a vrs covert tour driver. After seeing all the hype around TaylorMade's loft up campaign I was wondering if the same principles applied to the tour driver. I only ask this as all the reviews of my driver say that it is a low spin and has a weight positioned further forward than the performance vrs driver. Any thoughts?
Currently have the vrs 9.5 driver standard fubuki shaft stiff flex. Was getting high launch angle minimum 15 degrees and high spin numbers high 3.5-4k. Swing speed was around 100 mph once warmed up. I tried the 913 d2 with rip phenom shaft which gave me a nice flight but I didn't like the feel of the driver itself.
I am in the market for a new driver. I love the look of the covert tour driver but am worried about how difficult it will be to hit, and also the red cobra encore but Because I hit the ball so high I want something to try and keep it down a bit. Any thoughts/suggestions much appreciated.
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