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These stats are only from 12 rounds (August 16 - October 29)   1) 2)  ~5 years 3)  42.13%  4)  42.68% 5)  40.68  Horrible, I know 6)  Par: 39.35%      Birdie: 4.63% 7)  Over 30, at least. Hindered by the swedish climate      Average score on my last 12 round is 89. Shot a couple rounds around 76-86 during summer though. Best score this year was 75 (+2).
UPDATE: Recorded November 30. Using a much weaker grip and my ballstriking has never been better. Noticed on some of the shots that my shoulders were open. It's an old habit that I often forget about.       Downswing and just before impact:  
 Christo has really inspired me to take my ballstriking to the next level. I've been following him for almost 2 years now and seeing how much he improved makes me wanna try it out as well.When I first tried it out, there were a lot of shanks and hooks. But I've had a couple of weeks practicing on my backyard, where I can hit ~50 yards shots, just to get the feel for it. Nowhere near mastered but I love grinding. Thank you for the support Chris. 
 Actually, the snow only stayed a week or so. Hopefully I can go to the driving range and do some work tomorrow  
Got some footage from earlier this summer. A bit more shoulder rotation on this particular shot, trying to carry a fairwaybunker      
  Thanks a lot! Very informative and I will definitely try to implement that into my swing.After filming my swing I weakened my grip quite alot trying to do the "Hogan roll". I also try to have a shallower delivery to the ball and be more Hogan-like at impact. When I catched it right, I trapped the ball like crazy and I love the ballflight. I feel like that's the way to hit it. Luckily winter in Sweden is quite long which means I've got almost 5 months to grind and get...
Great ball. It'll perform just as good as any other tour ball. 
I've been Playing Golf for:​ ~5 years. During the first 3 years, I never really practiced golf. Just messing around with friends when going to the weekly practice sessions the club arranged for juniors.   My current handicap index or average score is: 89 (12 rounds)   My typical ball flight is: Baby draw/fade   The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Scooping just before impact, result being a high push-fade or high straight shot that ends up...
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