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Thanks for the pointers guys. Will definitely implement them.   My game has improved a lot since last year. My recent scores are 76(+3), 78(+6), 75(+2), 76(+3), 77(+5). Average score last year was 89.
Driver: 250-280 metres (~270-305 yards)7 iron: 145 metres (~160 yards)Pitching wedge: 115 metres (~125 yards)  And yeah, I also noticed my ball position being a bit far back. Will be playing it more forward from now on.
Been working on shallowing out my angle of attack on all my clubs. Have gotten rid of the flipping action aswell. Scoring between 75-80 this past week.
Actually I forgot about it. Will definitely incorporate it.
    Increased my swing speed (~10 mph with driver), hitting it straighter and lower
These stats are only from 12 rounds (August 16 - October 29)   1) 2)  ~5 years 3)  42.13%  4)  42.68% 5)  40.68  Horrible, I know 6)  Par: 39.35%      Birdie: 4.63% 7)  Over 30, at least. Hindered by the swedish climate      Average score on my last 12 round is 89. Shot a couple rounds around 76-86 during summer though. Best score this year was 75 (+2).
UPDATE: Recorded November 30. Using a much weaker grip and my ballstriking has never been better. Noticed on some of the shots that my shoulders were open. It's an old habit that I often forget about.       Downswing and just before impact:  
 Christo has really inspired me to take my ballstriking to the next level. I've been following him for almost 2 years now and seeing how much he improved makes me wanna try it out as well.When I first tried it out, there were a lot of shanks and hooks. But I've had a couple of weeks practicing on my backyard, where I can hit ~50 yards shots, just to get the feel for it. Nowhere near mastered but I love grinding. Thank you for the support Chris. 
 Actually, the snow only stayed a week or so. Hopefully I can go to the driving range and do some work tomorrow  
Got some footage from earlier this summer. A bit more shoulder rotation on this particular shot, trying to carry a fairwaybunker      
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