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So im 21 and last summer was my first real season that i actually played for "real" and tried to get better. I've played a little before but really was just farting around. I'm still in the learning process but am struggling with some things like a pretty bad slice off the tee, inconsistent hit direction with my irons (which stems from probably an over the top swing motion-same with driver) and an overall inconsistency with my shots.   I have no prior help or instruction...
thanks for the advice! at this point, im not worried about hitting it 400 yards. id be happy with a 250 yard STRAIGHT drive and land in the middle of the fairway haha
so im 21 and have only seriously been golfing for about 7 months. i have played a few times here and there for a few years but never really made the effort to really play and get better. but this year i have. i have no pro help or instruction (not yet anyway) and frankly am still learning about things as i go (rules terminology etc.) i mean i know what a birdie, and bogey are though.    anyway, i have a mean slice with my driver. it seems to have really gotten worse the...
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