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Are your hands same distance from body for both woods and short irons ?
I've saved 9 balls since 1971 for shots or rounds I wanted to remember.  Finally bought a clear plastic display case for them and printed out a little 'showcard' that tells the year, course, hole number and result for each one.  Is really great to sit back and remember the story behind each of those golf balls.    
On practice green putt right next to a club or alignment stick.  I'm also a straight back and thru guy and a straightedge helps me.
Practice at home right next to some sort of straight edge - yardstick, alignment rod, even a wall.   And make a  s-m-o-o-t-h  stroke.   Did wonders for my short misses.
I think if you got up and down for quadruple bogey, you still "scrambled"
Grew up in Denver - been a Bronco fan since my Dad started taking me to games in 1960.   Great golf and football in Denver.   G O    B R O N C O S   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey rocker - I've been down that same road.  Being age 62, I don't have the flexability to get the shaft parallel to the ground at the top anymore.  And that's OK - I just have to accept I cannot hit the same distances I once could.  But my mind wants me to get parallel by letting my wrists break down at the top.  Very uncontrolled feeling, and shots that lacked distance or were fat.  So, a tip I saw that's really helped me with my new shorter backswing is to have my...
for me, I find a spot of some sort ahead of the ball, in-line with the intended path.  If my putter face goes thru my mark, chances are the ball is going down the path I have decided on.  But I do that with all length putts.     
For driver on first tee, I put the VERY smoothest swing I can produce on it.  It probably won't be my longest drive of the day, but I am more wanting a well timed solid strike to get off to a good start. 
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